At this point I know she’s hiding
something but I’m not ready to dig
more. Ordinarily I will be happy with her
“no complicated” relationship, but I’m
not that guy anymore. I wonder why she
was jealous of Uche then. Hope she’s not
trying to eat her cake and have it? Well,
Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve being friend
zoned. I started feeling uncomfortable
with her and only trying to cover it up.
She noticed my unease attitude but I
used strolling to cover up. “You know
what, lets stroll down the school” I said.
We strolled down the school talking and
laughing along while she holds my hand
sometimes and other times place it
across her shoulder. We chatted through
the evening following the paths we had
planned until it started to get dark. We
headed down to her hostel with her
hand never letting go of mine and she
urged me to enter their hostel to have
my dinner. Well that offer sounds so
great some hours ago but I’ll pass this
time. We met Temmy and Rachael by the
gate of their hostel coming out and it
seems I’ve lost my friend to Rachael.
Temmy: Where are you guys coming
Me: We just. . .
Janet: From a romantic trip (she cuts in)
Rachael: Romantic?
Janet: Yes, anything wrong with that?
Rachael: Don’t tell me you guys are. . . Oh
my God, I can’t believe that. Cool!
Temmy: Guy, we’ll talk later right?
Me: Positive. I’ll be at home
Rachael: You are leaving already? Why
Me: I got stuffs to sort out
Janet: You didn’t tell me about that
Me: Sorry it escaped my mind, I’m just
remembering now. See you guys later.
I left them there at the gate and headed
for my room. I replayed the scenario on
my head and see Cynthia’s case study
happening all over again. “D–n, why do I
keep falling in the same pit? Am I that
dumb?”. All these were going through
my thought when my phone rang, I
checked and it’s Uche. I ignore the call
but she kept calling until I picked up.
Me: Hello
Uche: Hey, why are you ignoring my call?
Me: You won’t be able to tell me that if I
did not pick it. What’s the matter?
Uche: Oh Oh, are we fighting?
Me: why did you said so?
Uche: You are responding as if you
never wanted my call
Me: Sorry about that, so why did you
Uche: Just want to say thank you for the
other time.
Me: You are welcome. See you on
Uche: Wait now! I’ll also like to tell you
some things you don’t know about your
Me: Which girlfriend?
Uche: Don’t worry, till Monday. Or should
I come on Sunday?
Me: No, I’ll be busy
Uche: It’s not good now, or you come to
my place, I stay alone.
Me: Why would I do that?
Uche: there are some stuffs I want to
learn on computer, I just got a new
Me: Really, congratulations. I can’t come
still. Bring it on Monday.
Uche: Okay just get me something while
coming on Monday
Me: Uche later!
“What does she meant by what I don’t
know about my girlfriend. Well she’s not
my girlfriend, whatever it might be is
none of my business. Besides I don’t
trust this Uche of a lady”
I went home back to my Games of
throne till Temmy came back. I narrated
my ordeal with my supervisor, Janet an
Uche to him, to which we talked and
laughed about. He also told me about
Funmilola, how nice she was and how
she was staring at my pictures. We both
went back to the movie and watched till
the system’s got low and couldn’t
continue because there is no power to
charge it. We slept afterwards and
tomorrow soon come.
It’s a norm on Saturdays to play or
watch street soccer on our mini
wembley pitch where we use monkey
post as the goal post. I went alone with
my kits as Temmy is still recovering from
the injuries he sustained from the
accident. We played football for almost
two hours with four sets playing
alternatively depending on who score
the golden goal first. If there is no scorer
in the range of 15min then penalty is
used to separate the winner. Our type of
penalty is a back heel target of a monkey
post without a goalkeeper. My set
sustained the playing time for four
straight session before we were
eliminated through the penalty. By this
time I could hear the discussion going
on by the sitting side of the pitch, where
guys, some with their babes are only
there to make jest of others and argue
about professional footballers and
teams, or talk politics. As I was about to
sit down, one guy just shouted “Will Will,
Ekun (Tiger)”. I just smile and ignore him
as I am d–n tired. Then another guy said
“Will you try o, na you make your set last,
your accuracy no be here”. Then the first
guy shouted “yes o, Will na sharp
shooter, as him dey shoot for field na so
him dey do for room”. Everybody
including myself laughed while another
guy said “I used to think Will na pastor
o” to which that first guy replied “pas-
kini, that guy na maradona”. He stood
and raise his two hands and one leg
facing me saying “Baba o, owo meji
feyan kan, pelese kan, kee pe o baba”. I
was too tired to be responding to the
guy, I was just laughing as everybody
else. Besides defending myself will only
make the guys start opening my profiles,
either truth, misjudged or created by
them. The second set to play scored and
we went back to playing field and that
made me escape the den of onlooker
We were on the third session when I
saw Temmy signaling to me from afar
off o come. I left the field asking
somebody to replace me.
Me: What’s up?
Temmy: It’s okay now, after 3hours
Me: Cho! Are you serious about that?
Temmy: I want us to go to town
together. I need to get a drug, I’m
feeling somehow.
Me: How exactly are you feeling?
Temmy: Malaria like, I’ve been feeling
head ache since I woke up.
Me: So which drug do we buy now?
Temmy: I don’t even know the name, but
those guys will recognize it when they
see the doctor’s writing
Me: Then let me go and get it while you
Temmy: No let’s go together
Me: I hope it’s truly malaria or Rachael
has impregnated you? (we both laughed
as he tried to kick me while I escape)
I took my bath and we both left for
town to get the drugs. We bought the
drugs and some other stuffs and also
branch the market to get tomatoes,
pepper, meat, vegetable and other
requirements in order for us to make a
decent soup. We went back to our lodge
only to meet Uche sitting right in front
of the hostel.
Uche: Oh, thank God you are here
Me: What’s wrong?
Uche: Please I’ve come with my system,
let’s do my project now.
Me: But we agreed to meet on Monday
Uche: Please I beg you, our supervisor
sent me a text message this morning
that I must submit unfailingly on Monday
(She showed me the text)
Me: (I tried checking the time on my
phone then I discovered I wasn’t with it)
Temmy, you have my phone?
Temmy: Nope, I think you left it in the
Uche: No wonder, I’ve called you several
times but you weren’t picking
Me: Oh! Please what’s the time?
Temmy: Let’s say 30min after One.
Me: Uche, it means we have just 1hour,
by 2:30pm I’m done
Uche: Why now?
Me: I’m going somewhere by 3pm
Uche: With Janet? I’ll beg her
Me: Not with Janet and what’s your
business with that self.
I sat with her while we both edit her
work. I used some of the materials I
already have to re-write some
paragraphs I thought were not in tune
with the project topic. I also help her
with Literature review and by the time
we were done it was already 3pm.
Meanwhile Rachael had come over to
help us with the soup as Temmy wasn’t
physically fit to do it and I was tied
down with Uche’s project.
I ate some of the meal, dressed up and
left for the school library. I got there
some minutes to four which was far
behind the scheduled time. I met no one
at the shed except for some dudes
reading at the other side of the shed. I
guessed she has come and left so I tried
calling her but that lady with a voice like
the sound of a pile-mess won’t stop
saying “the number you have dialed is
switched off”. I asked the guys reading
if they had been there before 3 o’clock
to which they answered yes but did not
see anybody at the shed since they’ve
come except for passers-by. I waited for
her thinking she might have some
disturbances like I had with Uche till
around 5pm then I took my leave. I went
home disappointed, asking myself the
purpose for taking the meeting to heart
in the first place. Reading my book as
exam approaches should be my priority
now not meeting with some fake
Cinderella who couldn’t keep to promise.
I don’t want to see her again self (well
I’m not sure if I mean that last

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