Opening my eye, I can see the person’s
head shining, reflecting the white bulb
in the anatomy lab. Temmy had old
school hair style just like me, where the
hell did his hair go. I checked the face
properly and discovered it’s not my
home boy.
Me: this is not Temmy, he has old school.
Doctor: This is not your friend?
Me: positive, he left home this morning
wearing a native dress, green colour
Ankara to be precise.
Doctor: Your own friend has old school
and he’s wearing Ankara? (He asked
with a confused face)
Me: Yeah, he’s supposed to be with a
Doctor: Oh! Your friend is alive, only
sustained a minor injury on one of his
legs and the lady is perfectly fine. Go and
check the emergency ward, he’s there.
Hearing this made me feel imaginary
cold water poured on my body and I
don’t know when I screamed “thank
you Jesus!” while rushing out of the
anatomy lab.
Janet: What’s it?
Me: Temmy and Rachael are fine. They
are not here.
Janet: so where are they?
Nurse: You guys can follow me; I’ll take
you to them.
Moving towards the emergency ward, I
started to reflect on what just happened.
I never knew I love Temmy this much.
Dude has been my twin brother from
another mother since. Come to think of
it, there are many destinies lying there
unfulfilled. The thought that we are all
going to be like that one day made me
to think about my life. I’m not even sure
of my Christianity, if I die, will I make
heaven. And to think I just came from
almost committing fornication (done in
my heart already) means if I die now,
hmm. God should just have mercy. I’m
going to have to think my life through
Entering the emergency ward, I can see
Temmy lying down resting his head on
the elevated side of the hospital bed
with Rachael sitting by his side.
Me: How were you allowed into the male
ward, even if it’s emergency?
Rachael: Oh Will! (She stood up and
hugged me)
Me: How are you now?
Rachael: I’m fine dear
Temmy: You no go release my babe from
that hug? (We all laughed as we
separated and Rachael meets with Janet
and they hugged)
Me: Thank Your God you are not dead.
We were told you are dead. Menh I
would have kill you. (we all laughed
again). How are you bro?
Temmy: I’m fine (he stood up from lying
position to sit down) The nurse said I;m
good to go but will need the doctors
Me: What about the bills?
Temmy: That’s true, let’s ask the nurse.
Excuse me (waiving at the passing
nurse). Thanks for the other time.
Nurse 2: You are welcome
Temmy: Please how do I get our bill and
where to pay?
Nurse 2: That’s being taken care of
Temmy: By who?
Nurse 2: The lady that hit you guys
Temmy: But the driver is a guy and he
seems to be alone in the car. I remember
that at least before I passed out.
Rachael: You are right, it was a guy. But I
saw him arguing with a lady over there
the other time.
Nurse 2: The lady owns the car, I think
the guy borrowed it. She asked me to
call her when you are discharged.
Temmy: can you give me her number?
Nurse 2: Yes I can. But you guys
(pointing to Janet and I) needs to leave
now. You can’t be here at this hour of
the day.
Doctor: (Speaking from the nurse’s back)
They all can leave. Doctor is around so I’ll
take my leave too. (Facing us) You guys
should wait for me outside, I’ll take you
to your hostel.
The nurse then dial the lady’s number
and they spoke a little while before
handling the phone to Temmy, who
spoke for some minutes.
Temmy: She said she’ll come to our
hostel tomorrow.
We all left the hospital with the doctor
taking us directly to our hostel, the four
of us in our small room. We chatted
through the night as Racheal and
Temmy narrates their ordeal as the
accident is concern. They all slept on our
four and a half inches bed while I used
the opportunity to check and recheck
my introductory chapter. After re-writing
for the third time, I decided not to check
again as I’m sure I’ll see another error.
Confirming the next day as a public
holiday, I wish this man did not asked
me to submit, I would have sleep and
wake up so late.
Lying on the rug using my hunch bag as
pillow trying to get some sleep, and the
pictures of what transpired between
Janet and I replayed. “I’m I in love with
her? It’s obvious she likes me and I felt
I’m already reciprocating. I’ll ask her out
the next opportunity I have”. As I was
thinking about this, the light was
brought and I decided to put on the
Westlife mp3. As I was about to lie back
down, I heard Janet’s voice.
Janet: You and Westlife
Me: You’ve not been sleeping or I woke
you up with the sound?
Janet: No, I’ve been watching you since.
Me: Hmm, you can sleep now as I am
about to sleep too.
Janet: Are you sure?
Me: Yeah, that’s the work of the Westlife
I put on.
Janet: Hmm, can I come and join you on
the rug?
Me: Believe me I’m only managing here.
Enjoy your sleep, good night.
Janet: I’m coming regardless.
She left where she was sleeping carrying
the pillow and lie right beside me, facing
the ceiling just like I did. She turned and
stretched my left arm, placing her head
on my chest. I seriously hope she wasn’t
planning to sleep this way because I
can’t sleep facing the ceiling, though I
love the fact she’s in my arms.
Me: Jane
Janet: Yes?
Me: About what happened earlier, I’ll
love to . . .
Janet: We’ll talk about it tomorrow. I just
want be like this tonight.

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