I kept mute and decided to think of
something else to distract myself from
the reality around me with no success at
that. I pulled her closer, kissed her on
the fore head and said “Good night”.
I woke up to a sweet aroma coming
from our kitchen. Janet wasn’t in my arm
any longer, Temmy is still sleeping and
Rachael is no more on the mattress. I
also discovered I was covered with the
cover cloth. It was 6:30 AM and I stood
up to see what’s going on in the kitchen
only to discover it was only Janet.
Me: Good morning Jane
Janet: Will! How was your night?
Me: Great, and yours?
Janet: Fantastic!
Me: Hmm, where is Rachael?
Janet: She’s using the toilet
Me: I see. I’m enjoying this aroma
Janet: Don’t worry, it’s for breakfast
Me: I can’t wait
We both laughed as Rachael comes out
of the toilet, which also combine as
Me: Rachael good morning, how is your
body now?
Rachael: I’m fine, except the pain I’m
feeling on my right leg which I did not
feel yesterday.
Me: Sorry dear, by the time you eat and
take your drug it will be down.
Rachael: Thanks. Temmy is still sleeping.
Me: He only sleeps like that when he’s
extremely tired or ill.
Janet: Will, what’s your plan for today?
Me: Well I have a paper to submit,
nothing more.
Janet: When will you be submitting?
I was about to answer when my phone
rang. Checked and it was an unfamiliar
number. I picked the call and caller
started dishing out commands without
Me: Hello
Caller: Hello, I want you to meet me by
7am at my office and I hope you have
some money with you because we are
going down to Akure this morning to
get some of the materials you’ll be
needing for your project. Hello are you
Me: Yes sir, I. . .
Caller: Good, I’m already on my way to
the school, if you miss the 7am time,
you’ll meet me in Akure by yourself or
you don’t graduate. (He terminated the
Me: How on earth did this man get my
Janet: What’s wrong?
Me: My supervisor just called, we are
good to Akure by 7
Janet: 7! Meaning you has 15min left.
Your lecturer is crazy o.
I rushed down into the bathroom, took
my bath as if I did not, brushing my
teeth simultaneously. Dressed up almost
immediately and ready to move.
Rachael: eat something before leaving
Janet: Yes, no matter how small.
Temmy: Boy where to?
Rachael: Akure, his supervisor just called
Temmy: Oh! That madman, let him go on
time, the man can do and undo.
Me: Boss, how’s your body now? Please
take your drugs, I’ll call when we get
there. Rachael, Janet, you guys should
take care. See you later.
I hurried out of the room walking so
fast as if I’m being chased. I checked the
time and it’s 7am already and I still have
some miles to cover before I get to his
office. I really wish bikes go through
school, it would have being easier for
me. I got to his office around 5min after
7, sweating profusely, only to meet the
door locked. I thought to myself “has the
man already left? How did he expect me
to be here by 7am around that time he
called? Why didn’t he inform me
yesterday?” I decided to sit down on the
pavement in front of his office not
knowing what next to do. “Should I go
back home and carry over the course
has he had threatened or go to Akure
on my own. By the way, where do I
know he’s going in Akure and today is
public holiday”. While waiting, I was
joined by two others whom the man
also supervises. He had called them to
me him by 7am too. Well, now that we
are many, maybe we can take decision
together. We all sat there discussing our
different encounters concerning chapter
one, there I discovered I was the only
one to have submitted anything at all. I
became their tutor, giving them guide
lines on how to go about it. While doing
this, the man eventually arrived in his
black Toyota corolla. He parked right
there on the road signifying to us to
come to him.
Supervisor: How long have you guys
been here?
Guy: Before 7 sir, I’ve been here since
10min to 7.
Girl: Yes sir, we came together.
Supervisor: And you? (Pointing to me)
Me: I got here around 5min after 7 sir
(After saying that, I discovered I might
have put either myself or the others in
Supervisor: So you met them here?
Me: (I know it, trouble has come) they
are likely going to be around maybe
checking the notice boards when I
Supervisor: You are trying to cover up
for them right?
Me: Sir, that’s . . .
Supervisor: Anyway, you guys just had
your first test with me.
Guy, Girl, Me: Test?
Supervisor: (Laughing) you’ve not being
told? I give my marks from tests and not
from your write ups. Because I’m sure
you’ll write rubbish anyway. You
(pointing to me)
Me: Williams Albert, sir
Supervisor: What? That’s your name?
Me: Yes sir, Williams Opeyemi, Albert.
Supervisor: Why bearing English names?
Anyway, out of 20 you’ve scored 10
Me: 10 marks sir?
Supervisor: Yes. Out of the 20 marks, you
have -5 marks for coming 5minutes late
and -5 marks for trying to cover up for
Me: Sir, but . . .
Supervisor: Gbenusoun! (Shut up), you
thought I’m just coming? (Pointing to
students’ affair building) I could see
everything clearly from there. I’ve been
here there since the time I called you
guy, so you two, your score? Zero out of
20. You better be at alert, you can never
tell when your next test will be. Out of
three tests (60 marks), you’ve done one.
The remaining 40 marks will be from
your write up and defence.
He took my write up and correct it there,
asked me to re-write it while he put on
his system, inserted his modem and
started surfing the net. I returned the
write-up back to him, he checked and
said “good, let’s do your Literature
Review together”. While we were doing
this, the other guys just stood there
looking. Sighting them, he asked them to
leave since they’ve nothing to tender. We
were there together surfing, copying
and pasting on his system. By the time
his laptop battery went down, we
looked and found a wall socket outside
the offices and plugged the system. I
wondered why he won’t let us into his
office. We were done with my Literature
review, typed my introductory chapter
and methodology. He made sure all the
necessary stuffs were written and then
took me in his car to a printing shop
where we printed the project. He signed
right there and said “go and be
preparing for your first defence and
enjoy your weekend”, and he drove off. I
couldn’t believe what just happened,
after all I’ve heard about this man, he
seem nice to me, though I don’t think
other guys will say the same thing.

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