Temmy: Can you stand?
He held me by my right hand using his
other hand to pull my back up. I got up
and we left the party hall, followed the
exit passage and stayed at the buildings’
security house for me to rest for a while.
Surprisingly, the party continued as if
nothing had happened, but Rachael and
Janet did left the hall with us. My shirt
was still very wet with water and
because of that, we couldn’t leave the
venue on time. Rachael volunteered to
rush down to our hostel and get me a
new shirt, but as she was about leaving,
a lady and a guy coming out from the
party hall offered to help us to the hostel
as they came with a car. Janet decided to
stay as the guys convey us down to the
hostel because the vehicle can only carry
four passengers and the driver.
While in the vehicle, I started feeling
sharp pain on my head and almost pass
out again. The lady offered to convey me
down to the school health center but I
declined because I hate hospital
environment even though it’s obvious I
really need a medical attention. We were
dropped at the hostel and I decided to
sleep as I am still not feeling good. After
like one hour of sleep, I woke up to see
the lady and the guy were back in the
room and surprisingly Funmi was there
too. The guy came with some drugs and
Guy: How are you feeling now?
Me: The pain has reduced, I’m just
feeling some sinusoidal headache at the
right side of my head. It seems to be
following my pulse as it come and leave
at regular interval.
Guy: (He touches my head and felt the
temperature) Your temperature looks
normal, I think the headache is a result
of the shock from the hit. Take these
drugs and follow the description. If the
headache persist, please come to health
center tomorrow, I’m still around till next
two weeks.
Me: Thanks. Are you a doctor?
Lady: yes he is.
Guy: (Smiling) I am a doctor in training.
By this time next year, you should be
able to call me a doctor and nobody will
question it.
Temmy: The way you speak did show
you are a doctor. You are studying in
this school?
Guy: No, I’m only here to visit my nurse
Lady: Nurse in training (She cuts in)
Guy: But the doctor at your health center
is a friend of mine, so I’m helping him
out there, while I’m around.
Lady: Nice excuse to be with your babe,
as if we don’t know why you are here.
Guy: I’m not going to deny that (We all
Lady: What’s your name?
Me: William and he’s Temmy
Lady: William sound British. What’s your
last name?
Me: Albert
Lady: Wao! We shared the same
Guy: Maybe he’s your lost brother
Lady: Time will tell if he is. I am Aramide
and He my Fiancé is Bankole.
Temmy: So you are the nurse he’s talking
Me: Cool! I like your combination.
Hospital is set. Just give birth to a lab
scientist and a pharmacist and you are
good to go (Everybody laughed)
Aramide: Thanks. You can call me Mide.
(Facing Funmi) You’ve been silent all
these while, hope all is well?
Funmi: I am fine, thanks. I just don’t
want to interrupt.
Bankole: She looks like the shy type. You
guys should take care of yourselves. Will,
do take the drug and let me know how
you feel tomorrow.
Me: Thank you man
Aramide: Will, I’ll need your number so I
can call to know how you are doing. I’ve
reported your case to the school security
and it seems they’ve been looking for
how to nab those guys before now. You
might be called to witness.
Me: I really don’t want to be involved in
any case, I just want to be okay.
Funmi: I will testify. I was there and saw
everything. I also know the guys.
Me: No, I don’t want you involve neither.
Though, you and I have a lot to talk
Bankole: Please be careful with the way
you deal with those boys. I think they
are cult members.
Funmi: They are not into cultism, they
are just trying to act like one.
Bankole: Still, be careful with them.
Except you are sure of what you are
Aramide: Do take care. I’ll give you call
Will. Temmy and . . . (Pointing to Funmi)
Funmi: Funmilola
Aramide: Please take care of him and
They left the room while Temmy see
them off to their car. Funmi brought out
an orange juice and persuaded me to
take the drug at that instant. I took the
drug while Temmy excused himself
saying he needs to see Rachael.
Me: Bro don’t do anything stupid okay?
In fact, don’t do anything, stupid or not.
Temmy: I’ll try bro. I’m even angry at you.
Me: We’ll have our own discussion later.
Just don’t do anything please.
Temmy: Alright. I’ll be back soon. Will I
still meet you Funmi?
Funmi: Definitely. Except Will said
Temmy: Good, I have things to say to
you too.
He left the room to meet Rachael leaving
only Funmi and I in the room. I’m really
not at ease with Temmy going to
Rachael at this time, I have a feeling he’s
going to take a rash decision. He’s
always like that whenever he’s angry.
Funmi, sitting at the edge of the
mattress, looking so dejected, bowed
her head and was not raising it. My mind
was to talk sense into her head but on
another note, she’s an adult and I’m not
in any position to question her behavior,
so why will she answer any query from
me. I decided to lie down and was
thinking of something else to say when
she broke the silence.
Funmi: Will (her voice shaky)
Me: cool down Funmi. We can talk about
whatever it is later.
Funmi: No (crying now)
“Okay I don’t like crying game and
according to a Yoruba proverb, a
woman that cry while explaining will
eventually destroy the home.” Although
her own seem sincere because she has
no reason to cry before she’ll say
anything to me. One thing her tear is
surely causing that I don’t want is
bringing out the emotions in me. Seeing
her cry is making me feel somehow and
I really don’t wanna see it. “OH my God,
I’m I in love?”. I prefer to be friend with
a lady for a period of time and allow it to
grow into love but I’m already in love
with Funmi despite her obvious
I move closer to her, hug her and
pressed her head on my chest while she
sobs. She wanted to start talking but I
asked her not to. She remain like that for
around 10min even after she had stop
crying. She pulled back, look me in the
eye and then touch my shirt
Funmi: I’ve soaked your shirt again
Me: only this time with tears and not
Funmi: I’m sorry. You need to change
the shirt.
Me: I will but you have to promise me
one thing
Funmi: (Forced a smile) What’s that?
Me: No matter what happen, you’ll never
cry like this again
Funmi: I couldn’t stop it.
Me: You’ll have to try. I must admit, it
breaks my heart seeing you cry
Funmi: I’m sorry
Me: Don’t be sorry, just don’t cry
Funmi: I should be taking care of you,
but here you are taking care of me.
Me: I’m okay now. I just have to rest.
Funmi: What will you eat?
Me; I think the rice I took at the party is
still there. I’m okay.
Finmi: No you are not. It’s my
opportunity to cook for you, please don’t
say no.
Me: Alright, but whatever it is I can’t take
much. You should be quick it’s getting
Funmi: I’m sleeping here tonight, of you
guys don’t mind
Me: The room is big but I’ll have to tell
Funmi: He said I should tell you.
Me: But why did you want to sleep over?
Funmi: My hostel is not safe on a day like
Me: What about your car?
Funmi:Already parked in your compound
Me: You seem prepared. Feel free.
She entered the kitchen to make amala.
While I was resting my head on the
mattress, my phone range and it was
Uche. I cut it immediately and ignore
every other call she put through after
that. I was already dozen off when my
phone rang again and it’s Rachael.
Rachael: Hello (Her voice sounding
Me: Rachael what’s the problem?
Rachael : (crying now) Please help me
talk to Temmy. I’ll tell you everything later
but please help me beg him.
Me: Temmy is not here yet, what did he
Rachael: Just beg him for me please
(sobing till the line went dead)

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