I started avoiding Janet like plague but
won’t stop sending messages that she’s
sorry. I don’t know what she’s sorry for.
I was not able to meet Aramide also,
though we spoke on phone several
times but she was too busy to meet me
which means we were not able to
discuss whatever she wanted to
discuss before. The school
management announce the exam
dates and time table which will holding
a month earlier than the normal time.
They were trying to prevent students
from being victim of molestation from
masquerades and their followers
during the coming “Oro festival” as it
has always been the case in the past
coupled with the fact it clashes with our
supposed exam period.
Funmi and I got extremely close as the
four of us (plus Temmy and Rachael)
attend night class, library and even
church together. We were so close it
was obvious to everybody including
Janet who would still not relent in her
messages and calls. Her case is turning
to obsession as far as I’m concern.
Funmi later became a Church addict as
she attend every program, night and
day and this made me attend all
programmes too as she will always
force me to go with her even when I
don’t feel like going to some events
especially night vigil. Though she did
not join any unit in the fellowship, she’s
actually getting more religious than I
am and I pray that won’t be a problem
for me later when I proposed to her
because I prefer someone to be rather
Spiritual than religious. Religious people
tends to believe everything especially if
it’s coming from anybody that call him
or her self a prophet and that can ruin
ones life if care is not taken. Spiritual
people on the other hand will confirm
whatever they heard with the word of
God before accepting it as truth. They
don’t pray every prayer points as some
prayer points are not Biblical at all.
They’ll rather pray with the word. I
want a Spiritual wife who can pray and
commune with God not a religious wife
that will keep taking us from prophet to
another mountain.
Our supervisor indeed indeed merge
our project together saying he doesn’t
want Uche to spoil his reputation.
Though I sensed foul play as I don’t
think Uche cannot handle the project
properly, I think something is going on
between them but that’s none of my
business.I accepted the merge because
I’ve got no option and I was able to do
most of the work without Uche,
because I know the more we work
together, the more she’ll frustrate my
life. My supervisor surprisingly took up
the matter of the guys that hit me at
the party, insisting they must be
rusticated or locked up in the police cell.
These guys are also in the final year
and I wouldn’t want to see somebody’s
life got scattered because of me, even
though they might deserve whatever
they get, but my conscience wouldn’t
allow such thing to happen. I had to
seriously beg my supervisor on their
behalf before he let them be, before he
reported them to his friend who is the
dean of student affairs, and that might
cause trouble for them during
clearance if care is not taken. I became
“friends” with these guys because of
this act and I wish they’ll change for
Exam came and gone but I stayed back
in school to oversee the practical part
of our project but Funmi traveled down
home just like every other female
students to avoid the “Oro” festival
palava. She came back to school the
moment the festival was confirmed
over saying she was missing me too
much. I do not allow that to get on me
as I still decided to stay in my friend
zone until I see a visible green light
before I made my intention known to
her officially.
Two months gone in the second
semester and I already have my project
ready, giving me full escape route from
the not dying Uche’s menace I thought.
Janet on the other hand will not relent
in her project of making me a standby
boyfriend or spare tyre as she kept
sending me messages that will
naturally make me fall for her if my
heart wasn’t fixed. I must admit,
sometimes I do get carried away by her
highly romantic messages but was
always brought back because Funmi is
nearly always by my side. One of her
messages got Funmi so angry she
won’t talk to me
Funmi: William! Who is this?
Me: What’s that? (She showed me the
text message that pop up while she
was surfing the net on the phone. The
message read “William my heart. Amy
love for you is undying and I am
missing your touch and kiss)
Funmi: Who has the number?
Me: I honestly don’t know, I don;t have
the number on my phone book.
Funmi: Whatever (She dropped the
phone angrily and entered the kitchen.)
She refused to talk to me throughout
that evening, though she was talking to
Temmy. She also disallowed me from
seeing her off while she was leaving. I
dialed the number that sent the text
and a lady picked up.
Me: Hello, please who is this?
Number: William my heart, how long do
you want me to wait?
Me: Please who is this? (though her
voice sounds like that of Janet, I didn’t
want to conclude just like that)
Number: I am the one who love you
and will always love you. Our future
belongs together you know.
Me: Alright, I have to go now
Number: Wait now, I’m happy hearing
your voice and will be extremely happy
to feel your touch again.
Me: Janet why are you doing this?
Janet: Because I love you and you
wouldn’t pick my calls nor return my
texts. I had to use another number. I
know you love me but you are being
distracted by your new fling. Cant we
just go back to that time when you’ll
come to my house and have your
dinner and we’ll have fun?
Me: Things changed the moment you
rejected me Janet.
Janet: I did not reject you, I said you
should wait.
Me: No Janet, you said anything can
happen in the future and I’m not ready
to commit my life to pure uncertainty.
You also said you don’t want us to
complicate things and you never told
me why our relationship then would
have been a complicated one. Will you
tell me now?
Janet: I was wrong to use that term
then, I never knew what I was saying.
Nothing is complicated dear. I am ready
now. It will be unfair for you to set me
into motion and let me off like that. I’m
finding it difficult to let you go. You
didn’t even fight for my love for long. It’s
unfair you know.
Me: You still have not tell me what I
needed to know, Why was it
complicated then and what has
changed now?
Janet: I was confused and naive then
but I’m sure of my love for you now
Me: What about your fiance?
Janet: (She paused for a moment) I
never told you I have anybody
Me: Really Janet, do you think I’m that
dumb after all these month I’ve known
Janet: I don’t know what you heard but
I can explain myself better when we
Me: Alright then till then
Janet: So when are you coming over, or
should I come to your place?
Me: Don’t bother, I’ll come when I’m
Janet: That’s what you always say and
you seem never to be chanced
Me: When you are ready to tell me the
truth let me know
Janet: I know it’s Uche feeding you with
those lies
Me: Really, why will Uche do that?
Maybe you should tell me
Janet: I already told you to be careful
with her, I told you what she’s capable
of doing
Me: Well I have tell you that the line is
capable of going off anytime soon,
because I’ve almost exhaust the
airtime. Take care
I terminate the call as I really don’t
understand why she’s so unrelenting
even though she’s engaged. Maybe she
did not know that lying is also a turn off
for me. Why lying and not just come
clean in stead of trying to dribble me.
I put a call through to Funmi that
evening but she refused to pick it up. I
honestly did not know how to handle
the situation because I did not think I
did anything wrong. At the same time
we are not dating, not yet though and I
really do not expect her to be this
Jealous. I was determined to wait a
little more before officially asking her
out as I am currently enjoying my friend
zone state.
Later in the evening she sent me a text
message that reads “I am sorry for the
way I acted earlier, I know I don’t have
right and not in position to do so, but I
couldn’t help it. Because of this I have
decided to stay away from you till I get
my sanity back. I’m going to cut all
contacts to you, so please don’t call me
again nor look for me. We are not into
fight and I’m still your friend, but I have
to clear my head. Take care of yourself,
good night”. Reading this message
increase my whole body temperature
to an imaginary degree celcius which
was enough to make my heart to start
beating faster I could heard it audibly. I
think my game has backfired because I
felt I’ve pushed her for too long.
Honestly she has tried, after all the
green lights she has shown me. I think
I’m now seeing the red. I tried calling
her after reading the message but she
would not pick and I couldn’t bear my
hurt again.

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