As I was on my way home, my phone
rang and it was Janet. I really don’t think
I can add her disturbance to my current
predicament; therefore I ignore the call
only for me to hear a voice over my
Janet: So this how you do reject my calls
Me: Janet, how are you doing?
Janet: I am fine but you are obviously
not. What’s wrong?
Me: I’m okay, just tired.
Janet: Tired at this time of the day? This
period is one of your best reading time
and you are already heading home.
Something is definitely wrong.
Me: (Wao! She knows me that much) I’m
fine Janet, I just needed to rest.
Janet: I don’t believe you. What’s
troubling you? Please tell me.
Me: (Something in me wants to start
pouring out everything to her, but I felt
it’s a wrong idea) I am indeed fine. Is
something wrong with my face?
(Forcing a smile)
Janet: Don’t bother forcing the smile. I
know you more than that. Something
deep is troubling you, but you didn’t
want to share it.
Me: I’m fine Janet. Where are you coming
Janet: I’m coming from the class and
don’t try to change the subject. I just
want you to know I’m here if you need
to talk to somebody.
Me: (I indeed need to talk to somebody, I
just don’t think it’s you) thanks Janet. I
really appreciate it.
Janet: Whatever it is you are going
through, it will be resolved okay.
Remember you are a strong personality
and I believe in you but I need you to
believe in yourself.
Me: (Okay, Who am I speaking with? I
can’t believe these are coming from
Janet. I’ve never seen this side of her
before. It’s really cool) Thank you Janet.
Janet: I know you read a lot of books,
and it’s because of you I started reading
them too. This is the time to start
applying all those principles you’ve read
Me: (I’m really going to explode, Janet
read books now?) Hmm. You are right.
I’ll be good. Where are you heading to?
Janet: I’m done for this morning, going
back to my lodge. Hope you’ve eaten?
Me: Not really, cooking takes time I can’t
afford to waste in the morning. I’ll buy
bread when I get to the lodge.
Janet: Bread with what?
Me: I really don’t know, maybe with tea
or I take it alone.
Janet: You’ll take bread alone? That’s
ridiculous. Let’s go to my lodge if you
don’t mind. Rachael should have
prepared something better.
Following her to their room looks like a
bad idea at a very good time as I’ve not
been to that room for a long time. I did
follow her though as I’m currently in
need of company, because being alone
will surely bring back my worries. As we
get closer to their lodge, that strange
cold started again and this time with a
feverish feeling. I was sweating
profusely and was feeling being heated
from the inside contrary to the rather
cool atmosphere that looks like it’s
going to rain any moment. I discarded it
again and faked myself to be okay as I
can’t afford to get ill at this point, I
needed to study.
We entered their room and met three
other students (a lady and two guys)
having a group study with Rachael. We
met them on what looks like their recess
time as they were laughing hard to the
jokes of one the guys, the one with the
name “SAUCE” printed to the back of his
red customized polo shirt. I sat there a
little, enjoying the jokes while waiting
for Janet to bring the said food only for
her to come back and say Rachael did
not cook. She did offer to buy the bread
I initially planned and fry some eggs
with it but I declined as I was no more
comfortable sitting there because the
fever seems to be increasing in a faster
I left their lodge for my place despite
Janet and Rachael’s plea for me to stay. I
got into my room only for the fever to
take full control of my body to the extent
that I switched on the fan to the
maximum because of the heat I was
feeling and lie down covering myself
with both mine and Temmy’s cover
clothes because of the extreme cold I
was feeling at the same time. I could
hear my tooth hitting each other as my
body vibrates under the cover clothes.
Some minutes later, I heard a knock on
the door and could not even answer,
though the door wasn’t locked. I saw
Janet and Rachael entering the room
with Janet holding a bag which
conformed to a cylindrical shape.
Janet: Oh my God! What’s wrong with
Rachael: Is this not the person that was
laughing inside our room just now?
Janet: (She felt my temperature with her
hand) Rachael come and feel his
temperature, it seems my hand is
deceiving me.
Rachael: (She felt it too) Holy God! Will
let’s go to the health center right now.
Hearing the word “health center”
suddenly gave me a rare strength to talk.
I hate anything hospital and I’ve never
been to one for medical treatment other
than compulsory tests since I was
young. I struggled to sit up against all
odds and immediately felt a sharp
sinusoidal headache that made me close
my eye in agony. Rachael insisted we
should go the health center right away
but I refused to go, forcing myself to say
“I am fine”.
Janet: Indeed you are fine with this your
body temperature that can cook beans.
Rachael: How I wish Temmy is around,
he’s the one with his password.
Janet: I think he need to eat first, he has
not taken anything today. That’s what
they’ll ask first at the health center.
Rachael: That might have even
contributed to it. Will is too fond of
reading extensively without food, and
it’s too dangerous. You use up a lot of
energy when you read.
Janet: I’ve bought the bread and fried
some eggs with it, can you take it now?
(I shook my head to say No, because I’m
sure I’ll vomit it totally)
Rachael: You don’t want to go to
hospital, you don’t want to eat. Are you
planning to commit suicide? Will, you are
not a kid o
Janet: I think he’ll take pap or custard.
Before I could say no, she had already
left the room to get the pap, though we
have custard in the kitchen. I’m not sure
she’ll get the pap though, as it is difficult
to get in our area at that time of the day.
The truth is I wasn’t feeling like eating
anything because I’m so scared
whatever I eat I’ll vomit. Janet came back
with a raw pap (ogi) coupled with a tin
evaporated milk with sugar. Where and
how she got it was beyond my knowing.
She prepared the pap and I took it alone
without the evaporated milk and sugar,
because I was scared it might be
typhoid. Taking milk with pap would
have caused more harm than good as
far as I know. I laid myself back after
taking the part I could from the pap and
slept off.
I woke up some hours later and
discovered Janet was still there sitting
closer to where I laid my head, fanning
me with a book because the power has
been taken by the power holding
people. She was also reading one of my
motivational books and it looks so
strange to me. This I call the irony of life.
Funmi, my heart desire that has been my
friend and close companion for the past
four months or more, is not here when I
needed her the most, but Janet my ex-
crush that I’ve been avoiding over the
same period of time is the one sitting by
my side with care. I really wish it is
Funmi doing all these, as this her act of
care is bringing back to life the affection
I used to have for her. Her engagement
is her undoing though.
Janet: You are awake. How are you
feeling now?
Me: Better than before.
Janet: I really don’t know which drug to
buy as I don’t know the nature of your
fever. But I think you should take this
paracetamol while we get you a drug.
Me: Thanks. I’ll be fine
Janet: Temmy called and said they’ll be
arriving very late in the evening. I told
him your situation and he suggests a
drug you normally take. When Rachael
comes back, I’ll go for it.
Me: Oh! You shouldn’t have told him
Janet: He asked how your phone got to
my hand, so I don’t have option.
Me: Really Janet, thank you a lot.
Janet: You know I’ll always be there for
you, only if you’ll allow me. Can you eat
real food now?
Me: I don’t think so; my stomach is yet to
settle. I’m not even sure the pap entered
the right place.
She stayed with me till evening as
Rachael brought her notes and they
both read right there in my room. I also
tried to read but not for long as the
sinusoidal headache started again. A call
came through to my phone from
Aramide and Janet picked up telling her I
was down with illness. In less than
30min she got to my room and was so
surprised at my state.
Aramide: What? We spoke not too long
ago and nothing was wrong then.
Janet: That’s how we saw it too. He just
changed drastically.
Aramide: What has he taken now?
Rachael: He won’t take anything. He
refused drug and food, and won’t go to
the health center.
Aramide: (Smiles) As expected. Though,
if you had gone to the health center, you
would have been sent back because the
place has been closed due to protest
from some students. You guys can leave,
I’ll take over from here. I don’t have
exams to write yet.
Janet: Okay, if you need any help just call
through his line.
Rachael: Don’t worry Will, your boyfriend
will soon come.
Aramide: (Laughs) who is his boyfriend?
Rachael: Of course it’s Temmy. Those
guys can make someone jealous. (They
all laughed as they left)
Aramide did take over and I was
surprised she has already bought the
drug I would have taken if I had wanted
to take drug. And she forced me to take
it. I don’t know how she did it, but I
took the drug. She left our room around
9pm when Temmy arrived and she was
back as early as 8am the following
morning, even though she called many
times in between her period of absence
to check on me.
I must admit, the care I’m getting from
Aramide is like that of a blood sister
even though I barely know her. She did
not bug me with her twin theory for the
period of days she catered for me. She
was still coming many times with
prepared food for Temmy and me
during our exam week, even though she
stays a little far from school.
Janet was always coming to check on
me during the time I was ill and she kept
calling to know my health state. We’ve
gotten a little close back since the time I
was ill as I was totally moved by her
show of care. She has reduced her
disturbances on us dating, I guess
because it’s exam period. Rachael later
told me she has broken up with her
abroad fiancé a day before I got ill and
that’s tempting. With this revived
affection I’m having, I won’t be
surprised to be in confusion between
her and Funmi.
I still did not hear anything from Funmi
and I refused to call her throughout my
exam week, even though I seriously
miss her and would love to have her
around. But I guessed the sisterly care
I’m getting from Aramide and the new
refurbished attention from Janet has
reduced my longing for her. Now, I’m
more confused. . .

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