We hugged while I boarded a taxi going
to the garage. The taxi I boarded
unfortunately got stuck in a heavy traffic
caused by a trailer that fell over the road.
It took the driver up to 1hr to get to a
junction where he was able to bypass
the traffic. I finally got to the motor park
only to discovered one bus just left,
making me the first person in an
eighteen sitter bus. That’s going to take
forever to get filled up as evening is
approaching fast. I sat in the front
waiting for other passengers to come as
I’ve got no option. While waiting, my
phone rang and it’s Temmy
Me: Hello Temmy
Temmy: Have you moved?
Me: Not at all, I’m the first person in the
Temmy: Oh! That will take a while. Just
let me know when you land.
Me: Surely
His call sounds strange and unusual but
I discarded it, thinking maybe he’s just
being caring. I bought a cold lacasera
with two gala and was eating while
surfing the net to distract myself from
the reality I’ve found myself. My phone
rang again and surprisingly it’s Funmi.
That was when I admit what Temmy
said earlier, I am indeed angry. I ignore
the call as I don’t think I want to speak
to her that moment, maybe when I’m
back to school and that’s if she’ll allow it.
She called again and after the third time
she stop calling and sent a text message
that reads “I am waiting for you, right
behind your bus”. I first thought I was
misreading and then I read it again and
look back from the bus but could not
see anybody. “Was she trying to play
prank on me and how did she know I’m
here”. That explains Temmy’s call, he’s
the informant. Temmy seems to like and
prefer Funmi.
She sent another message as I was still
looking around from the bus and that
reads “step down from the bus now,
you can’t see me from the inside” I did
step down from the bus and walk down
to the back of the bus but still couldn’t
find anybody. I started getting infuriated
and was going back to my sit when one
of the conductors called my attention to
somebody waiving to me. I face the
direction and it was indeed Funmi. I
walked towards her and discovered she
packed her car away from the sight of
the garage people.
Funmi : Why didn’t you pick my calls.
Me: I thought you were busy
Funmi: But I’m the one calling
Me: The last time I called, you told me
you are busy and shun me off. Once
beaten, twice shy.
Funmi: I did not shun you. I was indeed
busy that time. Was that the reason you
did not call me again? Not even a
message on whatsapp or bbm, yet I
could see you were online.
Me: After our last conversation, if you
were me, will you call you?
Funmi: Of course I will call me, because
I’ll understand I’m really busy.
Me: That’s the difference, you are not me
Funmi: Are you angry?
Me: Why would I be? I’ve got no right to
be angry
Funmi: Will, you don’t forget things
easily, why are you using my statement
against me.
Me: Against you ke, why would I do
that? Anyway, experience they say is the
best teacher.
Funmi: Are we still friends?
Me: Hundred percent we are friends
Funmi: I’m sorry if I offended you with
my speech or actions. I meant no harm.
Me: No problem, we are good
Funmi : Really? Are you sure? You still
sound angry.
Me: (Of course I’m angry) Yes we are
Funmi: Then prove it
Me: (I hate it when a lady ask me to
prove something because to them it
could mean anything and if one did not
do what they are specifically expecting,
it’s war) How do you want me to prove
Funmi: Go home with me
Me: I am not going to Lagos as you can
Funmi: I know. I’m going to your side.
My dad has been working there for the
past four years.
Me: Oh! You never mention that before. I
thought he’s in Lagos
Funmi: He started a branch of his
company there four years ago because
of the availability of raw materials
around there
Me: Which company is that?
Funmi: Albert-Simeon Foods and Drinks
Me: He co-owned it? Since you surname
is Simeon or is he bearing Albert also?
Funmi: That’s a little complicated, you’ll
know about it later.
Me: I know that company. That’s where
Daddy Orire, the man that do send me
money works. I heard he’s one of the
top officials there. Mum was even telling
me he’s trying to work my place there
after service year.
Funmi: Really? Then he’ll be close to my
Dad. I don’t know much about the
branch though. This will be my second
time there.
Me: Oh, good to know it’s your father’s
Funmi: So will you go with me?
Me: I don’t think I have option, do I?
Funmi: No you don’t.
We both laughed as she followed me
down to the bus to pick my bag only to
discovered a lady is already sitting there
pushing my bag to the second
passengers sit in the front.
Lady: Are you the one here?
Me: Yeah
Lady: I’m sorry I can’t sit too close to the
driver. The gear handle will be
disturbing me, besides the sit is too high
Me: You could have pick another sit at
the back then (I look at back and
discovered like five people were already
inside the bus)
Lady: I did not meet you here
Me: But you met my bag
Lady: That’s none of my business, I’m
sitting here and no mountain can move
Me: (I started laughing seriously)
Lady: You are laughing at me right?
Instead of you to ask politely you are
laughing. I’m still waiting for the
mountain that will move me from here.
Me: (Still laughing) Please can you pass
my bag to me?
Lady: I can’t carry any bag
Me: Okay excuse me and come down, so
I can carry it, since I can’t climb on you.
Lady: You think you are wise, I should
come down so you can sit here right?
Me: (Getting angry now) I’m not
dragging sit with you madam, just get
me my bag
Lady: I’m not madam (She handed the
bag to me)
Me: Thank you (I started to leave)
Lady: Are you leaving?
Me: Yes, I want you to have enough
place to sit.
Lady: You are angry, I was only kidding
o, come back I’ll go to the back sit.
I could hear other passengers
complaining they are losing two other
passengers, meaning they’ll stay longer
there. Sometimes we encounter people
like that who are always frustrated. Best
way to deal with them is to be cool and
let them have their way before they
transfer their frustration on you.
Funmi asked me to drive but I declined
for the fact that I don’t have drivers
license. We embarked on the journey
and we are expected to spend an
average of two hours before getting to
destination. After a little silence I decided
to open the conversation
Me: Temmy told you where I was right?
Funmi: Yeah, you saw me in school and
refuse to even say hi
Me: I thought you were busy (She look at
me with an awkward expression) I’m
Funmi: On a serious note, I’m highly
Me: I’m sorry about it
Funmi: You did not even ask what you
did before saying sorry
Me: I was going to ask
Funmi: You were that ill and did not tell
me at all
Me: Hmm
Funmi: It’s really not cool. You make me
look really bad.
Me: Really, I’m sorry about that
Funmi: I heard it was Janet taking care
of you. You could have called me instead
of her.
Me: I did call you, and funny I did not call
Funmi: (She was silent for a while) When
you called, you didn’t tell me anything
Me: Really Funmi, you weren’t ready to
speak to me. You shun me off
Funmi: Because I was still angry
Me: About what?
Funmi: Don’t bother
Me: You’ve started again. The message
that made you angry that time was from
Janet and I didn’t ask for it
Funmi: Why will she be sending you that
kind of message. And then you allowed
her to nurse you
Me: (I could sense Jealousy) Funmi I
really want you there instead but you
weren’t available
Funmi: You did not try enough to reach
me. You could have send text message
Me: (It’s obviously I wasn’t going to win
this argument and I won’t want to spoil
the perceived good mood we are having
back) Okay I’m sorry.
Funmi: (She gave me that funny look that
means, I’m not satisfied) Just sorry?
Me: (Of course I can’t touch you, you are
driving) I’ll make it up to you
Funmi: By falling sick again? No, don’t
make it up
Me: (Laughing seriously) I will make it up
in another way.

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