Debby: So what happened mum? Exchange of child?

Mum: No. we had the naming ceremony of my son and I was the one that named you Daniel. Unfortunately after two months, I was deceived by your father and his wife, your step mother. They stole you away from me and I never get to see you or them again until last two years that your step mother called me to tell me you are now in abroad. She told me her conscience won’t let her rest and she apologized. That was how she linked us together before I started talking with my own son.

The whole atmosphere turned highly emotional and I could see both mum and Dan were almost crying. I was just there, not knowing what to say or how my own case will turn. I was eager to know how I ended up here and where I’m going to after now, but I couldn’t say a word.

Mum: Opeyemi, Deborah, this is your brother Daniel. He’s my first child.

Dan: I’m really sorry mum, I got to know she wasn’t my mother that time she linked us, because she has always been nice to me and never let me doubt her, not for a moment.

Mum: Don’t worry dear, she’s still your mother, you only have two mothers now. Seeing how good you look and how much they’ve taken care of you, I forgive them totally.

Debby: What about my big brother? (All these while I was totally silent, my head pointing down with so many thoughts running through my head)

Mum: Opeyemi is my son, my consolation. He’s the reason the thought of losing Daniel did not kill me. During all these trying times, your father (pointing to Debby), my beloved husband never left me. He loves me still and we got married some months after my son was kidnapped. All this while, he was also supporting the mother of the twins, your biological mother (pointing to me). He couldn’t leave them just like that because the twins were his brothers’ children, even though their father had ran to Ghana then. Your mother fell in love with another man and the new man said he can’t afford to take care of two kids that are not his. They dragged the issue for a while but the man insisted he’s only going to take care of the girl, that the mother should take the boy to his father’s family. My husband is the only family around but he rejected it vehemently, saying the mother should take care of her children. Some days after that, the unimaginable happened. Your mother has access to our house then, because my husband wants her to come home and take whatever she want anytime, whether we are at home or not. She used her key to enter our house one day while we were away, and drop you Kehinde Opeyemi Albert on our three sitter chair in the sitting room and left the town with her man and your twin sister Taiwo Aramide Albert. We never heard from her anymore until now that she’s looking for you.

Me: Aramide?

Mum: Yes, you are Kehinde but my husband prefers to call you William. We also decided to remove Kehinde from your official name to avoid questions like “where is Taye?” And you have been a source joy to me and your father since then. You never gave us problem.

Me: So I am the rejected and dumped son.

Mum: No dear, you were not rejected, its circumstances beyond her control. You know it’s not very easy to take care of twins, especially when one is not well doing.

Me: I get it mum, she preferred her husband to me. Why can’t the man marry her with the two children? At least I’ve read of men who marry a lady with three kids. By the way, my father was supporting her financially.

Mum: Don’t think that way dear. That’s how God wanted it to be. If she didn’t reject you I wouldn’t have you dear.

Me: Mum, I’m really happy you are my mother and not she (tears already rolling out of my eye). What if you rejected me, only God know where I would be by now. Mum if her husband had said “Let’s throw him in a river or dump him in a bush”, she would have done it.

Mum: Don’t create anger in your heart dear. You know God wouldn’t want that.

Me: You are the only mother I have mum, I don’t know any other person, nobody should look for me. Not even my supposed Father. Your husband is my father and he’s dead!

Tears has already filled my eye as I left them in the sitting room and headed into my room. I laid myself on the bed not knowing what to even think about. I remembered Aramide and wondered how she got to know who I was. I don’t think it was a mere coincidence, it’s more like she knows what she was doing. I was going to develop hatred for her but on a second thought, it wasn’t her choice to leave me, neither was it her choice to be chosen by my mother. Can I really forgive my mother? What kind of mother chose to leave her child for the love of another man? What sort of man make a mother chose between her children? What kind of man leaves his fiancé he impregnated for whatever reason it was and never return? All these questions keep pumping in my heart leading to anger and hatred. It was Debby’s entry into the room that brought me back from the state of deep thought.

Debby: BB, are you still crying?

Me: Not at all. I’m good now.

Debby: You are still my BB you know. Nothing will ever change that.

Me: (I smiled) Yeah, we are biologically cousins, so I’m still your brother.

Debby: I don’t agree with that. You are forever my BB not one cousin or whatever. I love you so much.

Me: I love you too sweetheart (we hugged)

Debby: Mum is crying, will you go to her?

Me: She’s crying? I caused that, let me go to her.

As I was about to leave the room, mum entered while Debby excused us.

Me: Mum I’m sorry I made you cry.

Mum: No my son, you didn’t. I could imagine what you are going through. Just be strong for me okay. I’m still your mother and I’ll be with you. If you are not ready to go through it you can wait a little, but always remember I love you.

Me: Thank you so much mum, for everything. I really wish you did not tell me this. You are my perfect mother and I don’t want anybody to share that with you. I don’t want a second mother.

Mum: You’ll have to forgive your parents so that you can have peace of mind. Remember you are a Christian, you must always forgive.

Me: I’ll forgive them mum. I’ll keep trying.

Mum: Your biological mother came looking for you last month. She’s been calling me asking about you for the past five months. Though I don’t know how she got hold of my number or where I am, but I’ve always told her to stay away from you. I told her your credentials in school but warned her off you. My conscience couldn’t take it anymore when she said your sister is seriously searching for you. They both came here last month.

Me: You mean Aramide?

Mum: Yeah, you’ve met?

Me: Yeah, she gave me all these theories but I never believed her

Mum: I guess she locate you from the description I gave her mother some months ago. She did saw your pictures when they came here but she did not tell me she has located you.

Me: No wonder she said her curiosity has been confirmed true when she called me earlier. The way she catered for me while I was ill last week was exceptional.

Mum: You were ill and you never told me?

Me: I’m fine mum, I can’t be disturbing you every time.

Mum: Don’t ever do that again! You want to kill me?

Me: Oh Oh, it was just small malaria

Mum: Small malaria and you needed being catered for? Don’t do it again.

Me: I’ve heard you mum. I’m sorry

Mum: I better check you before you leave.

Me: It’s not up to that. I’m very fine now. Mum, what should I do when I see her? I mean my biological mother.

Mum: Love her, hug her, forgive her and make her happy.

Me: Hmm, Just like that? I don’t think it will be that easy.

Mum: It will be, just make up your mind to love and forgive her. When you and your sister get along together, bring her home. She’s my daughter too. Your father would have wanted her here.

Me: Okay mum. You said you don’t recognize my biological father? Not even a picture?

Mum: No, I did not get to meet him before he left, and your father never showed me any picture of his.

Me: You once told me my father only adopt me when he got married to you, that my real father died when you were pregnant of me, why?

Mum: When your father died, so many people will start saying what they ought not to and you were still very young. I couldn’t risk putting you through that trauma because you weren’t matured enough to take it. I had to give you something to hold on to, something you can relate to if people start saying rubbish. I knew a day like this will surely come.

Me: I understand mum. Thanks a lot and I’m happy you have your son back.

Mum: I’m happy he’s okay and that I can see him again. It’s a great joy for me. He’s just back from abroad last month. He bought me that sienna you see outside.

Me: Wao! That’s great, but I’ll buy mine for you too.

Mum: And I will ride it with pride my dear. He want to sleep here with you, will it be okay?

Me: Sure mum, He’s a brother now. I think sharing birthday with him makes it look perfect. He’s like our triplet.

Mum: Okay dear. You can come out a little before you sleep.

Me: I’ll just stay here and think till I sleep.

Mum: Alright. Daddy Orire said he asked you to go for your driver’s license tomorrow. Make sure you go there early.

Me: I will mum, good night.

She left the room and I was sent back to the planet of thought. How will my mother look like? Will she be nice? I started creating so many images of her on my head using Aramide as prototype. It’s somehow relieving to know the truth but this truth has raised many questions than answers. The biggest of all the questions is who my father is? I was still in this thought when Dan knocked and entered the room.

Dan: BB Will

Me: (laughing) Better remove the BB, it’s exclusive for Debby.

Dan: If she calls you BB, what is she going to be calling me?

Me: Maybe Whatsapp or Skype (We both laughed)

Dan: I’m happy you are laughing bro. You are really strong. I thought my case was unfair until I heard yours. Mehn you try.

Me: I’m not the star here, mum is the super star.

Dan: It’s nice to have two mothers, two cool mothers.

Me: That’s my fear. I’ve not met the other one and I’m scared she might not be nice, though my sister seem nice.

Dan: You are his son, of course she’ll be nice.

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