Temmy: What’s the girls’ name?
Dan: Janet
Temmy/Me: Janet?
Dan: Yes Janet, any problem? (Temmy
and I looked at each other)
Temmy: No problem, which level is she?
Dan: 500 level but I always forget her
The situation is beginning to have K leg.
How do we tell Dan that his darling Janet
has been on my neck since? How do I
tell him, I once kissed her when our
romantic was hot? Temmy and I used
style to excuse ourselves out leaving only
Dan inside.
Me: Temmy are you thinking what I’m
Temmy: I’m confused o. It must not be.
Me: But their story is not totally matched
Temmy: What are the points?
Me: Janet broke up with her fiancée, but
Dan’s girlfriend was just not picking
Temmy: What if not picking up means
break up to her?
Me: That’s ridiculous, who break up like
Temmy: Was Dan’s family poor before he
left for abroad?
Me: I really don’t know much about the
family but I don’t think they were ever
Temmy: There is still possibility he’s
talking about Janet
Me: I have an idea, let’s show him a
picture of Janet and see if she’s the one
Temmy: That sounds good, but what if
she’s the one, what will you do?
Me: Mehn! This matter tie wrapper o.
Don’t worry something will come up.
Temmy: I pray o, because it won’t be
good to spoil Janet’s reputation with
We both went inside only to find Dan
staring at a picture from our album. The
picture has four ladies, Janet, Rachael
and two of their friends one of which is
no more in our school.
Dan: Wao! I can’t believe this
Me: (We look at the picture and were
like, Oh Boy!) What’s up with the
Dan: Who is this lady? (Pointing to their
friend that wasn’t in the school
Me: (My mind first came down from
Everest it was before) I don’t know her
name. We only know these two
(Pointing to Janet and Rachael)
Dan: The babe is d–n beautiful
Temmy: Is that what you said you can’t
Dan: Are you guys blind? Can I get this
babe’s digits?
Temmy: So that we can start searching
for her too right? I thought you knew
somebody in the picture.
Dan: For where? They are not familiar at
all; I just love this babe’s shape.
We showed him like three other pictures
where she can see Janet but he wasn’t
showing any sign of knowing her, and
that come as a relief.
Me: Dan, you will have to give us more
details about your babe. We can’t be
asking every 500level students now.
What other names does she answer?
Dan: She’s also Adesewa, but I prefer
calling her Janet.
Temmy: Sewa will do for us. By the way,
you said she wasn’t picking your calls?
Dan: Yes
Temmy: Have you tried calling her with
another line?
Dan: Oh my! That’s true
Me: Let’s use my line
He entered the number and I dialed it.
She did pick up without delay
Me: Hello Janet Adesewa
Sewa: Hello, who is this?
Me: My name is Will, how are you doing?
Sewa: I’m fine. Please I don’t know any
Me: I know you don’t and that’s why I’m
Sewa: I’m so sorry; maybe I’ve mixed it
up or lost your number. Can you
describe yourself better please?
Me: Well, it’s not too cool with the fact
you are going to be my in-law soon
Sewa: In-law? Please who am I speaking
Me: Like I said, I’m Will. I’m Daniels
Sewa: In-law, Daniel. Wait! You mean
Dan, my Dan? How do you know him
and how do I know you are not a scam?
Me: He’s right beside me here right in
your school. He’ll call you immediately
after this call, please pick up this time.
Will you?
Sewa: (Laughing) This is funny. Okay I
will pick up.
Me: Thank you Adesewa
I asked Dan to call her and she did pick
up but I snatched the phone from him
Sewa: Hello Dan, are you really in my
Me: Cool down love bird, it stills me your
future in-law. I’m just confirming if it’s
you too
Sewa: (Laughing) Please don’t trick me,
is he really there? Where are you guys?
Me: I’ll give the phone to him; tell him
how we can get to your side.
I handled the phone over to Dan and
they continue the conversation. My own
phone did ring and it was my now
confirmed twin sister.
Me: Hello Aramide
Aramide: Will, are you back?
Me: Yeah I’m back. Can you come over?
Aramide? That will be tomorrow and I’ll
love it if you can come to my side.
Me: No problem, just send me the details.
Aramide: I’ll do that now. How is Funmi?
Me: Did Funmi bribe you? She’s fine and
how is Bankole
Aramide: He’s around
Me: Good, I’ll see tomorrow then.
Aramide: By God’s grace. Take care of
yourself. Bye.
I got off the call with Aramide but Daniel
was still on call with his Sewa. He later
handled the phone over to me to
describe to her how she’ll get to our
I put a call through to Janet and asked
her to meet me so we can talk. I’m really
curious about what she said we have to
discuss and I hope it’s not what will
jeopardize my journey with Funmi. She
did come and we went to a remote
place to talk. Only God knows what the
matter is that is this serious. Here we go.

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