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As I got home that night feeling very weak and tired, I was so stressed out when I heard the notice from distance.gbosaaaa gbagaaaa gbigggggiiiii ah ah ah ofepami oo oo oo yeeeeeee ahhhhhhahhhh ahhh aaaah ori mi ooooo.
I rush down to the scene as I saw it was baba musa and the wife fighting next door I already knew it is them who always fight everyday.

I am just fed up with same issue every day as I looked them with anger I hissed and turned back I know that they are crazy fellows so no one in our compound interfere in their case anymore. I turned back and entered my room as I saw my phone light I quickly checked it I saw 5missed calls.

******incoming call****
Boss:niyi the commissioners daughter has been murdered ten minutes ago
Me:whaaaatt!!!!! How oh no

Boss:meet me at the scene right away
Me:ok boss
Me:not again,who is behind all these murdering and killings there must be a solution to this
7:45am 28/11/2017
Inspector: where is niyi
Me:over here
Inspector:now we must start the investigation in a proper way now check the scene and tell me what you can find

******10munites later
Me:sir I think I know what’s going on
Inspector: OK explain pls
Me:sir those who is behind these acts are highly professionally trained with special skillsskills and special kind of weapons.

Inspector: really!!! How

Me:they are not just killers they are military force and those guns are not authorized to the use of the police force

Inspector:so you mean military men are the once who has been killing them

Me:yes sir

Inspector: hm now the commissioners daughter is dead. Now what do we do.

Me:we have to be at alert cos they may plan another move.

Inspector: thats true you can go now will get back to you.
Me:OK boss
**************************DAYS LATER**************************
me:hello baby when are you coming to my place
Lisa:I am already at your door step.
Me:wow that’s my baby.
She entered into my 3bedroom flat,and she sat properly as she looked me in the eyes I never hesitate to grab her close to me.
Lisa:oh stop!!! Wait wait

Me:what’s that

Lisa:ehnehn ehn

Me:shiiiiii shut up let’s do this.
I removed her top and took off her bra as those two boobs fell on my hands she lay flat on my bed while I penetrate her body with my hands I could feel the vibration from her body she was turned on.at this point my dick was in high tension looking for a hole to devour.
Lisa:niyi stop!!! Ah ahn oo
Lisa:stop (she pushed me a little)

Me:what’s wrong baby

Lisa:i haven’t seen my period since last month

Me:Jesus!!! Heyyyy!!! How did it happen

Lisa:are you asking me

Me:yes I must ask you.

Lisa:oh when you are having the sex you keeping pushing harder and now it us done

Me:what is done???

Lisa:I am pregnant

Me:you must be joking
Lisa:I am serious

Me:never!!! In fact get up!!! Get upppp !!!! Now get out of here don’t come back here again did you get that

Lisa:niyi!!! Why what have I done are you serious at all

Me:are you mad I said get lost.

Lisa:me niyi

Me:its like you want to die hun??? By the time I go in and come back you will see hell on earth.

Lisa:niyi(tears). Pls niyi I have nowhere to go pls (crying) …
Well another life has taken over me as I finished my studies and after faith and I departed the love still rings in my heart. Its been 8years now I Never set my eyes on faith despite all we have been through and now segun my school friend has traveled abroad now am a man on my own but I am still not employed yet but I assist my predecessor who is now a detective in his little case he does and elderly mentor to my fathers younger brother called bros Ade I guess you all know him after I finished services in the army. The Nigerian army has been in my heart right from childhood and now I am a soldier though I don’t have a higher rank but I am well pleased in those uniform.

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