Hostages 2

Part12: Lola:where are you majek?
Majek: am already at the front gate
He walked through the gate as he entered into the big hospital he encountered so many patient as he went in deep tought thinking about how life is. He got to the reception,
Majek:hey!! Hello nurse, pls where is the doctors office?
Nurse:(pointed adjacent her table) that way then turn by the left.
Majek:ok,thank you.
He walked into the office
Majek:Morning sir
Doctor: good morning, you are welcome.
(Lola was carrying the baby in her hands)
Majek:so doctor where do we start?
Doctor:as I said earlier, this boy is getting tiner than I thought, we need to act fast look at his eyes,very white.
Majek:ehn sir, am not really comfortable with all this, pls what is the solution to this?
Doctor:i think with the help of your blood and hers too the baby might survive.
Majek:OK so let’s begin.
Doctor: pls follow me.
They all walked down into the medical lab as the doctor prepared the necessary equipment for blood collection.
Doctor:OK now you come first, I mean the father.
Majek:OK sir.
Ten minutes later,
Doctor:OK we are done here now its your turn madam.
Majek:ehn, sir, I need to rush back to office cos I didn’t even tell anyone that I will leave so pls pardon me. Just go on with the necessity.
Doctor:sure you are done here already.
Majek:Lola make sure you give me a call when you are done.
Lola:OK dear.
Twenty minutes later,

Doctor: I think there is something you are hiding from me.
Lola:hiding? As how??
Doctor:based on the test and every necessary finding I have done even since you gave birth to this boy, I can’t find any connection with him and the father.
Lola:haaa, moku… Yeee!!!
Doctor: is he really the father of this boy?
Lola:yee!!! Doctor, he,he, he is the father.
Lola:he is the father(trembling)
Doctor:am sorry to say we can’t use this blood for him, it doesn’t match, except if I can get the blood group (O) which is a blood that can transmit or transfer blood from one human vessel to any kind of human vessel.

Lola:haaa (shaking) doctor, haaa, what will I do (sobing) he is the father, I don’t fornicate sir, I am not wayward sir.
Doctor: I didn’t ask for explanation madam, my concern is for you to do the neccesity before its too late, Majeks blood is not the blood running in this boy so no one can dispute that except maybe God do a miracle which we all know that God doesn’t work that way.
Doctor: I cannot risk my profession.
Lola:(crying) ahh doctor so what are we to do now?
Doctor:I told you earlier go out there we need O blood group or if lucky you get any one with the AA genotype both can work out.

Lola:haaaaa aiye mi ti daa bayi where do I go?
Lola walked out of the office as she began to reason how logical the situation is, she began to wonder,tremble saying…
Lola:majek is not the father of my child(tears roles out of her eyes) or is this a dream? How could this be?
Lola:but, but, who, ahhh who is the father?? Is it Fred.
Lola:yeeeeeeeeeeee(she feel down on the floor as she hit her head on the pavement beside a shop)
Everything went dark.

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