I went to GENESIS hotel through EXODUS road. On the way, I saw LEVITICUS recording the NUMBERS of people at DEUTERONOMY while JOSHUA was waiting at the beautiful gate for JUDGES to see RUTH calling loudly, SAMUEL, SAMUEL. At a stage, the first and second KINGS of CHRONICLE 1 & 2 were among to visit EZRA, NEHEMIAH and ESTHER for the misfortune of JOB their brother. They started singing PSALMS and teaching children the PROVERBS concerning ECCLESIASTES and SONGS OF SOLOMON. This coincided with the period that ISAIAH was engaged in JEREMIAH’S LAMENTATION together with EZEKIEL and DANIEL their friends. By the time AMOS and OBADIAH were not around.
Three days later, HOSEA, JOEL and JONAH travelled in the same ship with MICAH and NAHUM to Jerusalem, HABAKKUK then visited ZEPHANIAH who introduced him to HAGGAI, a friend of ZACHARIAH Moses cousin’s MALACHI.
Immediately after tradition, MATHEW, MARK, LUKE and JOHN got involved in ACTS of the ROMAN who were behaving like the 1st CORINTHIANS group because the 2nd CORINTHIANS group were always at loggerhead with the GALATIANS. At that time too, they advised that the EPHESIANS and PHILIPPIANS were close to the COLOSSIANS and a suggestion for the 1st THESSALONIANS was made and that on their 2nd THESSALONIANS visit, they should first of all see the first and second of the TIMOTHY brothers who had gone to the house of TITUS to teach PHILEMON his younger brother how to read and write in HEBREW. On hearing this, JAMES asked PETER twice to explain to him how the three JOHNS have disclosed to JUDE the REVELATION of this journey.
And talking about journey, the only one’s destiny can really say where a man head to in life. For all those who have known me, the genesis of my journey was “MY NYSC diary and the 21 days in camp” and that was where it all began. I could remember vividly I had a revelation on the last day we were leaving camp that Boko haram attacked us, destroyed the camp with their bombs. Ugo and I alongside some couple of corpers were able to escape through the fence which was close to our room. We jumped over the fence successfully and managed to escape from Kangere (where the bauchi NYSC camp was) and we have no choice than to paddles canoes down the Shinuwa River to the other side of the village before I was shot at the back by one of them. Immediately the bullet got to me, I woke up.
I relocated back to Ibadan, with my friends Goddy. Goddy and I had some funny adventure moment in Oyo not until the last revelation I saw in camp came to reality. My NYSC diary season 2 gave the account of how it all went (you can search for it online) and I bet you this time, I was really shot. Well, some might have thought that was the end of it, but little did I know that was where it all began.

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