I left the channel room heading to the captain’s office. I gave a short knock on his door before heading in.
Agent Ola, how are you? My captain asked in his usual gruff voice
I’m fine sir. I replied unhappily
Agent Ola, I am reassigning you back to your country, Nigeria. There has been some issues of kidnapping in the western part of the country and most of the past occurrences has always been happening during the deployment of corps member. Senator Silva, one of the people contesting for the presidential post got in touch with us and he wants someone who will watch over his rebellious daughter who insisted on serving her fatherland which was against her father’s wish. He doesn’t want any distraction as he wants to prepare really hard for the upcoming election. Are you with me? He asked
Yes of course I am. I replied sharply
Good! The senator needs someone within the age range to be with her all the time during the camp and that’s where you fit in. you get me? He asked again
Yes sir, I understand. But how do I get myself into the camp? Remember I was once a corp member and all my data will still be on their database. I asked.
Don’t worry about that. We have made arrangement for all that and you will be going in as a foreign student with a new identity. He replied.
Also, I need not to tell you that the senator has enemies from other political party who don’t want him to become the president, knowing fully well that he is a man of the people and you are being assigned a very tasking job. Be set, get prepared, because by 10am tomorrow morning you should be on the plane to Nigeria. He added while I looked down with tensions as the thought of going back to Nigeria with this new major task outside the US caught my mind. It really would be my first major assignment. The event some years ago in Ibadan was unexpected and I scale through with the help of divine intervention and I couldn’t help but to imagine how I was going to protect the senator’s daughter among more than 2,000 people in camp. Yes, I was now a trained agent but was I really ready? Lord help me. I breathe before heading home.
The next day, Kim (My girlfriend) drove me to the airport in New Jersey. We remained mute to each other since yesterday when I broke the news to her about my trip to Nigeria. Few minutes later, we got to the airport. Kimberly located the parking lot and she parked the car and she was about getting out of the car when I held her hands. I just need to speak to her before leaving states for this mission of mine. I felt like crying when I looked into her eyes, only to discover that her eyes are welled up already with unshed tears.
Ola: I know I have been unfaithful to you and our relationship has not been the way we wanted it. Believe me Kimberly, you are the best thing that has ever happen to me. I am deeply sorry for not spending enough time with you ever since I got this job.
Kim: it’s alright ok, but I just want you to know that I don’t deserve all these treatment I am getting from you.
At that point, she couldn’t hold the tears any longer. At that moment, I couldn’t hold the tears anymore as I allowed them to pour out too. We locked ourselves in a tight embrace and I promised to come back to her after the assignment. I stepped out of the car, got my bags and headed straight inside the airport. I checked in and waited for my flight to be announced. And in a matter of minutes, I was on board, coming back to my fatherland.
In Nigeria
Chief Wilson, a 58 years old man came down the stairs into the living room to see his chief security officer and some couple of his bodyguards sitting down on the couch awaiting his arrival and immediately they saw him, they all stood up and gave him a bow.
Good morning chief, Fred, the chief’s security officer greeted.
Hey Fred, chief greeted smiling. How are you all doing?
We are fine sir. The others answered at different intervals.
So tell me what have you got yet? Chief asked?
Sir, we’ve gotten a lead on his second daughter who will soon be going for service by next week and according to our findings, she is being posted to Ogun state, Fred replied sharply.
Hmmn that’s a good news. Chief replied rubbing his big tummy. So, when are you guys swinging into action? He asked?
Immediately the camp starts. We will have to plant one of our boys as a worker in the camp’s market so she can be monitored. Fred replied.
Am astonished to hear how far you guys have gone. By the time we kidnap Silva’s daughter, he won’t have time to focus on the upcoming election. Chief said smiling.

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