The Airport
Wright, who was assigned to pick Ola was seen waiting outside the airport. Just some minutes later, the plane he was expecting finally landed. The passengers of the plane came down and they were all welcomed by their loved ones. Ola was seen with two of his bags scanning everywhere to see the guy waiting to pick him up, just then, wright spotted him then he walked up to him. Hey Ola, wright said.
Wright I guess…. He replied and they shook hands.
Welcome to Nigeria. Hope you are well prepared for this. He said as he took one of the bags from me and we walked down to where he parked his car.
Well, it’s what we are meant to do. Get prepared like the Boy Scout do say I replied. We both laughed then we started rolling our way out of the airport.
An hour later
We drove straight to the senator’s house where I was seated and nervous at the same time. I know this assignment won’t be like what I experienced myself some years back. I really don’t know what the future had for me but yes I guess I was so ready for this.
Please don’t screw this up, it’s the senator’s daughter’s life that we are talking about here. And if everything work out well, he might be the next president of this country and you know the benefits that will come in after the successful completion of this job.be focused and never lose guard. Wright as advised earlier as we got out of his car while I nodded quickly like an apprentice.
I was led straight to the senator sitting room where the senator wife was anxiously waiting for us. The smile on her face dearly showed how happy she was to see me. Just some minutes later the senator joined us and we all stood up to greet him.
Here is Agent Ola sir. He is the best agent for the job “wright addressed the senator whose eyes was beaming with smile still fixing his eyes on me.
I know about him Agent Wright. Senator Silva cut at him sharply. The former governor of Oyo state who happened to be leader of my party and also friend told me about your exploits. I guess you have been briefed on the nature of your new assignment. Senator asked.
Yes sir, I answered
Good. My daughter Janelle isn’t an easy person to deal with. All our pleas to her that she should forget about NYSC and travel abroad for her master degrees all fell to her dear ears. And at this difficult period when the presidential election is just around the corner, I don’t want to take any chances because I don’t know what my rivals are up to. Please protect her for me. He pleaded, smiled and shook my hand. He left us without another word while his wife who had been silent all along sat upright and faced us.
“Your agency have everything you need for this, please keep my daughter safe. Ensure you monitor her movement wherever she may be during the activities in camp.
Minutes later, Wright and I left the Senator’s apartment to his apartment. It’s a mini flat and it is well equipped with everything a bachelor like Wright might need.
Welcome to my home. Wright said smiling
A nice place you have here. I said smiling too
There are three rooms here, I use one, while the other one is the computer room where I carry out my job. You can use the empty room right there (pointing to the corner in the room)
I moved to the room, undress and head to the bathroom to have a cold shower. In some minutes, I was served dinner and I slept off.

I know you might all be wondering how I will be able to go for NYSC again after I originally went for mine years ago. It was quite easy for us as our agency had an insider who works at the NYSC headquarters in Abuja who helped in erasing all my previous data on their database temporarily till I complete my mission, then it will be restored back. My new identity is Ezekiel Obochi according to my new identity card. I schooled abroad and I am foreign student. It was a wonderful drive from Lagos to Shagamu, where the Ogun state camp was located. I already have everything set right from home and also all the details of Janelle Silva. Registration had begun an hour ago before I got there and the solders I met at the entrance ran thorough checks on my bags and all my document before allowing me in.
The ogun state camp was readily beautiful, compared to kangere in Bauchi state where I was posted. Titled corridor and a beautiful environment right from the gate, the soldier have been telling me “welcome to the five star camp”. The solder were quite friendly through. I went to the registration hall to join the long queue. I was looking all round hopefully I could sight Janelle but I couldn’t at that point. I wasn’t worried anyway. All I just have to do was to remain calm because we will still be in the same platoon after all.
Somewhere in the camp
*at the mamee market
It’s Francis on the phone talking to Fred
Hi sir
Yes Francis. Hope everything is set. Fred asked
Of course. I have everything stocked here. Business has commenced and the registration is currently on. Francis said
Good. Have you spotted her yet? Fred asked again
No sir……. Still negative on that but I am sure she is around the camp.
Fantastic. Ensure you do a nice job. Make sure you give me update everything ok?
Alright boss…. Francis replied. Then he hanged up.
Fred smiled and turned to the man(He is the owner of the business at the mamee market but was kidnapped and held hostage just a day before camp resumes) held captive, blindfolded with his hands and legs tied with strong ropes and said, “Don’t worry, you will be free as soon as our mission is complete.

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