Episode 5
Just as planned, I was fixed in platoon 2 after I got the printout during the registration. I did all the normal formalities before searching for a room which I easily got. I took time to survey the whole block where my room was and I kind of like the structure of the building. How I will be able to sleep on those tiny bunks became a problem but I have no choice than to adjust to thing. It’s a familiar situation so it should be easy to get over them.
The next day during the morning parade, I saw her. Janelle was indeed beautiful compared to her picture which I have with me and also on my phone. She was a beauty to behold but I cared less about it. Kim must be so disappointed in me if she knows the love of her life is admiring someone else. And talking of Kimberly, It’s been two days we talked. Hopefully I will have the time to call her after the evening parade. I ensured that I monitor all her movement and also manage to have a few talk with her during the morning drill.
The third day, the platoon have to elect a platoon leader. The platoon commandant called out anybody who is interested to be the platoon leader. Nobody showed interest so I stood up, then my platoon friends started hailing me shouting “Eze! Eze!!, Eze!!! The platoon commandant asked me to pick my assistant then I pointed out to no other person than Janelle. Now, things are falling into plan gradually. Plan 1 achieved.
Chief Wilson descended the stairs into the living room where two of his party friends were seated. The two men, Prince Ekene, a former executive governor of Owerri and Adedoyin Babatunde, a two time presidential aspirant who has lost twice at the general election.
Good morning Chief. ”The two men greeted
How are you doing this morning? Wilson asked
We are good sir. “The two men replied
Hope no problem? I was not aware of this visit earlier. Wilson asked.
Sir, we are here concerning our preparation towards the election. Remember it’s just two months left. What are your plans towards Chief Silva? He poses more threat to us than any other person from other parties.
Let’s go upstairs where we will have some privacy. Chief Wilson said leading the way and his Visitors followed him.
“Silva remains our only opposition in the upcoming election. All other presidential aspirants has agreed to give our party the necessary support we need. Wilson began.
We’ve agreed to pay them off and we’ve also reached an agreement to give their aspirant a Ministerial post if our party wins. Wilson Concluded, looking at the two men who is sitting opposite him keenly.
Ekene knew only few of the party’s activities and policies because he just decamped from the opposition party when he discovered he’ll never win the presidency ticket while in the party. But joining the ruling party, he knew he won’t get the presidency ticket but he has been assured of the post of the vice president by the party leaders and also Wilson himself.
The three men continued to make plans over the upcoming election.
To be continued…

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