Episode 6
Things have been really rough for me since the day I was made the platoon leader. Janelle can be frustrating at times but what am I going to do? She can be so rude and stubborn just as her parents had earlier informed me but I never took it serious. One day, after we had our evening parade, Janelle offered to take me for dinner which I instantly accepted and we both walked hand in hand to the mamee market.
What will you love to eat? I asked her as we got to the entrance of the market.
Noodles and egg will do for the night. Janelle replied and held my hands and we walked together to one of the shops owned by an Aboki I guess.
Aboki, good evening… (I greeted the man we met in the shop who was attending to some corpers too.
Francis smiled…. (He knew this day will come. If only the Senator’s daughter knew what will befall her soon)
Good evening Corfer! Wetin una wan buy?
Make 3 noodles for us, then fry four eggs. Add onions and any other ingredient you have. And please, make it fast. Janelle said sharply.
Janelle and I located a sit and we were both gisting about the events of the day. Some couple of our platoon members also joined us and they can’t stop hailing us. I know their hailing won’t go for free and I ended up paying for their meals.
20 minutes later, the Aboki served us our meal.
Chei! Madam, this is your own. I make sure say your own plenty well well pass your boyfriend own. I want make you dey patronize me well well for here. The Aboki said and he turned to attend to other corpers waiting to be served.
And you are going to eat all this in this your small stomach abi? I asked Janelle feigning jealousy.
Don’t tell me the one with you can’t be enough for you. She asked.
It can’t jor. I replied.
Oya take this one. Bring yours. (We exchanged the food) Hope you are satisfied now? She asked as she took a spoon of the noodles into her mouth.
Oh yea….I replied while I continued eating too.
We left the mamee market just some minutes before the light out. I escorted Janelle to her hostel and she surprised me with a tight hug and whispered good night to my ears. I stood transfixed to that same spot watching her leave into her hostel with her white short and her white vest. I got to my block to meet my guys in the room discussing about the football game played between my platoon and platoon 9.
Eze, how far now? One of my guys in the room who was one of the players of platoon 9 asked.
Ibu, I dey o! Una think say you go fit win my platoon abi? I replied smiling in the process.
Una platoon no sabi anything at all. Why dem no come out play? All of them just dey defend like say na Mourinho dey coach them? Ibu talked while everyone in the room burst into another round of laughter.
As I got to the side of my bunk, I fell down instantly. Chike, my platoon guy whose bunk was next to mine ran up to me. I couldn’t understand my stomach but I know I was feeling severe pain. All I could see was my guys in the room surrounding me, trying to lift me up, but I slumped and everything around me turned black.
Meanwhile, somewhere in the camp…
Hello Fred…
Yes Francis, any update yet? Fred asked.
She came over to my kiosk this evening. She came to eat noodles and I added the substances to it. In some minutes, she will be taken to the camp clinic. I know they won’t be able to do anything to it so they will be taking her out. Be prepared to ambush the camp ambulance. He said and hanged up smiling…

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