Episode 7
The whole of block 2 was in disarray as some set of male corpers were seen carrying someone heading to the camp clinic which is still some miles away.
At the camp clinic was a young corper, Dr. Yaabari. A medical student of the University of Jos who was on night duty when some set of guys rushed in a corper who appeared unconscious. He was taken to a bed and examined by the Doctor and a female corp member too who was the matron also on night duty.
What happened to him? Dr. Yaabari asked
We don’t know. He came in not quite long and as he was about sitting on his bed, he slumped. Chike said.
Dr. Yaabari checked his heartbeat again with his stethoscope.
He needs to be taken to the hospital. His heartbeat is reducing and if care is not taken, we might lose him. Dr. Yaabari said dropping his stethoscope with the matron and he was seen moving to the small room which was meant to be his office. He filled a form and heads out to get the signature of the Camp commandant, Captain B.K Akinmulero. After some minutes, he came back in a small car with a driver, accompanied by one of the soldiers, he was out of the camp clinic and the car was seen driving out of the camp.
Somewhere around the camp clinic, Francis was seen talking with one of the guys who rushed Eze to the camp. He wanted to be sure if he really hits his target before giving the go ahead to Fred who are already set to ambush the camp ambulance.
Oga Corfer, abeg wetin happen…Francis asked
Nna ehn, na one of our guy for our room fall down o. Chigioke, one of Eze’s room mate replied
Wetin do am? Francis asked
We know no o. The guy just enter back before the light out nah in he just fall down
But sorry o, na guy abi na girl because he be like say I no hear you well. Francis said
I say na my guy for room. Chigioke replied angrily and walked away.
Francis knew it might have been the guy that came with Janelle. Probably they ate each other’s food. But wait, if they’ve eaten each other’s food. Then why has Janelle not been brought to the Clinic? He asked himself…
Wait, hold on, hold on. He said to himself. Would they have switched the foods when I left them? Oh God! That must have been what happened! I need to call Fred immediately. He brings out his phone…
Hey Fred, terminate the next move. Francis said
What do you mean? We’ve got the target on our sight. Fred said.
I say terminate the next move. We’ve got the wrong person in the ambulance. Francis said angrily and hanged up.
Fred and his guys had to turn back to D-Star hotel. Fred was so angry. How could Francis have given the poisonous substance to the wrong person? He asked himself. He dipped his hands into his pocket and brought out a small tube which has some liquid substance in it. That was the antidote. The initial plan was to poison Senator Silva’s daughter which they were so sure the camp clinic won’t be able to treat. They knew she will be taken away from the camp to the nearest state hospital which was at Shagamu, just some miles away from the camp. Then they hijack the ambulance, give the antidote to her. The antidote will reverse the effect of the poisonous substance in her system then knock her out for 72 hours.
Now their first plan is gone! How are they going to get their target? What are they going to tell Chief Wilson? Arrrghhhh…He banged his right fist on his left palm then brought out a pack of cigarette from his pocket and lights it up as he thinks of the next line of action.
State Hospital
30 minutes later, the NYSC ambulance got to the hospital premises. Two nurses brought out a stretcher immediately and Ola was taken into the emergency ward. In some minutes, the Doctor entered the ward and after about 10 minutes, he came out again.
“Good evening, please what is exactly wrong with him? Asked the confused looking Doctor on seeing the silver substance in his mouth.
He slumped just some minutes when he came in from the Mamee market. Chike replied.
The Doctor went in again. About an hour later, another Doctor was seen entering the ward. It must have been something serious.
Dr. Olajire and Dr. Aganga were trying their best in the emergency ward to find a vein in Ola’s body but it was to no avail because his body was already swollen, his eyes were turning green but he was in Oxygen.
This is quite strange. Said Doctor Olajire as he removed his gloves.
This guy should be dead by now, he is being turgid. Said Doctor Aganga.
He was brought in late, but we have to try our best. Since I can’t find any vein I will have to cut him to take the sample of his blood for a test. Said Olajire as he made an incision on his hand.
About an hour later…..
Somewhere in the second floor
Doctor’s office
Doctor Olajire was seen with an envelope coming out of the elevator as he entered his office. Dr. Aganga and another Senior Matron was already waiting for him.
I think I know what the problem is now’’ Muttered Olajire
‘’I gave the blood sample I took from him to the haematologist, after carrying out some test, he deduced that the blood contain a very poisonous chemical substance.
‘’Wow, he is suffering from chemical poison then. Said Aganga
‘’No wonder some silver substance were found in his mouth’’ the matron said
So what next? Asked Aganga
We need to find the antidote. replied Olajire

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