Kim hasn’t been able to reach Ola for some couple of hours. All the messages she sent to him on Facebook and Instagram has not been replied yet. She keeps calling his lines but none of it was going through. She thought of going to see Tracy, Ola’s co-worker in the agency. Ola have always told her how Tracy loves flirting around him for no reason but he really don’t have time for her. Kim decides to still wait for 24hours before reaching the agency.

Agent Wright hasn’t been able to get through to Ola for some couple of hours. The tracker in his body indicates he has left the vicinity of the camp. His two phones was switched off. He still keeps trying his number and if he doesn’t get through to him, he will have to contact the headquarters about the latest development.

At the hospital
Ola was still on the bed almost lifeless. He is just some miles away from the gate of death. Doctor Olajire, Aganga and other matron was seen at Doctor Olajire’s office thinking on how they can find the antidote. Let’s call our branch in Lagos. Maybe they can have the antidote. Said Aganga.
That’s true but we don’t have much time. Said Olajire
He walked to where Ola was laid on the bed and checked the rate of his heartbeat which was faint.
Am afraid we might lose him if we don’t get the antidote within two hours said Olajire.

Janelle haven’t seen or heard from Eze since last night. She was gradually falling in love with Eze no doubt but she had to wait for him to approach her first. She didn’t see him all through the morning drill and she was getting worried. She overheard some guys in her platoon talking about someone being rushed to the hospital late yesterday night. She walked close to them and asked;
Please, what’s happening? Asked Janelle
Assistant Leader, didn’t you hear ni? Asked Afeez
Heard about what? Asked Janelle again
Eze was rushed to the camp clinic yesterday night .replied Afeez
What? Janelle shouted
We even heard he has been rushed out of the camp to a nearby hospital. Said Benjamin who was sitting next to Afeez.
Oh God! Janelle exclaimed before rushing down to the camp clinic


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