Episode 9
Ola’s side of the story
I really don’t know where I found myself but I know a force beyond me was moving me forward. Everywhere was dark. The whole place was silent and quiet, save just the large spacious of land I was seeing, no buildings, no movement of any living thing or whatsoever. It was just like a desert. After what seems like eternity walking, I saw a light from afar of. I smiled thinking I would finally find a place to rest. But what amazes me is all that all through my walk, I was not tired or sweating. It was walking like forever before I get to where the light is. This is somewhat strange. It’s like the more I tried getting close to it, the more it get far from me. I was losing my temper already.
What’s all this oh God! I screamed. At that point, I heard someone chuckled behind me. I was scared. Who are you? I asked.
Who are you? The voice came behind me again? Then it chuckled again. I turned around but still couldn’t see anyone again. At that frightened state, I saw the light again but this time, it was closer to me than before. I had thought the light was going to move away from me if I attempt to run so I decided to jump. From the position I am, the light was just about 10 feet away from me. I have to take my chances this time. I said to myself. I did a quick front flip then jumped. Before I got to the where the light was, it varnished. Then a loud roar of laughter filled everywhere.
Who are you? I asked in anger.
I am you. The voice replied this time.
I stood up gradually from my sitting position. I heard the voice behind me. I turned and I saw the same replica of me standing toe to toe with me.
Who are you? I asked looking at the creature in front of me
I am you.
The creature or what will I call it moved and chuckled just like how it had done the previous times.
Where am i? What am I doing here? Who are you? I asked again
He chuckled again and smiled this time. Which should I answer first? Well, you are still within the veil of the earth.
The veil of the earth? What am I doing here? I asked.
The people of the world wants you dead. Or should I say, wants someone close to you dead but due to your love for food, you took someone else death penalty. Look at this?
From nowhere a little ray of what looked like a sun shown out of nowhere, then just like a mirror, he showed me my body still lying on the hospital bed.
Am I dead? I asked frightened.
Far from it! He replied. You are in the spirit realm. The spirit world is divided from the earth you came from with just a veil.
What am i doing here? I asked confused
You are not meant to be dead yet. You still have a long way to go. You still haven’t fulfilled anything from what the creator has bestowed upon you to do. You are powerful more than you can imagine.
Powerful? How? I asked
He chuckled again. Look at you? Did your mother ever told you what happened when you were born?
Yes she did…
Your mother gave birth to you on a Wednesday, a significant day here in the spiritual realm. Immediately you came out of your mother’s womb, her womb was sealed so that you can be able to fulfill everything enclosed to your destiny.
I looked at him keenly. He looked so much like me, with the same round face and eyes.
He walked around then turned abruptly to me. Have you wondered how the spray of bullets rained on you and your friend, Godwin when you were kidnapped didn’t get to you?
Nope. I felt we just ran for our dear lives and luckily for us, we escaped unhurt.
Haaahaaaahaahaaahaa…. He laughed again.
You are funny!
Humans! How foolish you are! You called on me that day.
How did I call on you? I asked him
On that day, you were running and reciting one of the chapter of the book of our father, the King of the word. Almighty God!
Immediately he said that, lightening stroked
Then I remembered I was reciting the only Psalm that came to my mind that day, Psalm 91!
Psalm 91 is one of the ways you can communicate with me. I am you. I live inside of you.
As he was saying this, it was getting cloudy like it was going to rain.
Ola! My time with you is almost up. You need to wake up now. Janelle’s life is at risk. Do your best to save her. Remember to call me with the Psalm 91. I am always with you and will always guide you when necessary. Now go! Go! He shouted and like a force, a whirlwind took me off my feet!

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