Back in the Nysc Camp
Janelle ran to the camp clinic and she was able to get the name of the hospital Eze was taken to. All she needed was a pass from the Camp commandant, Captain Akinmulero, an Ondo man who was known in the camp as Captain No Nonsense. After the evening drill, Janelle walked up to her Platoon Commander popularly known as Oga Jerond to discuss how she will be able to get a pass from the camp commandant so she can go and visit Eze at the hospital.
Oga Jerond. Janelle approached him after the evening drills
Eh! My platoon assistant! Channel! Channel! He said laughing
Haba! Oga Jerond. I have corrected you countless of time that it is Janelle not Channel.
Na u sabi. How far now? Hope you are hearing from Eze.
I am here because of him. I have not been able to get through to him since yesterday and I really need to visit him at the hospital
Erhhhhmm, that one go hard. You know the camp commandant
Mr. No nonsense. Janelle replied sharply
Yea, Oga Akin no go gree make anybody comot for camp
I know but I am his assistant, remember? The Variety night is just two days away and the responsibility on me is getting much. I need to check him at the hospital, at least to know how he is faring
Well, you get point. Wetin be time?
It’s just 7.15 sir
Ok, make we go meet am for his hostel
They walked down to the staff Quarters and with Jerond leading the way to the Camp Commandant’s flat. The meeting wasn’t fruitful as Janelle wanted. Just like Jerond has predicted, the Camp Commandant denied her the access to get out of the camp, saying one of his room- mate (Chike) was already there with him. Doctor Yaabari, one of the Camp Doctor was also at the hospital. Janelle was disappointed. She walked back to her hostel feeling dejected praying for Eze’s speedy recovery.
Chief Wilson was in his well -furnished sitting room, thinking about the upcoming election which is just six weeks away. Campaigns for the two top parties are in top gear and from the look of things, he still has a long way to go. Surely the masses are going to turn in for his rival, Senator Silva and that may jeopardize his chances of becoming the president. He knew he needed to unsettle Silva but the best way he could do that was to kidnap his daughter. And talking about the plan, he hasn’t spoken to Fred for two days and they have not reached him yet for any update. He picks up his Samsung J5 then dialed Fred’s number.
Somewhere in Shagamu…
Fred and the rest of his gang, J.J and Neyo enjoying their lives at the bar of D-twins hotel when Fred’s phone rang. He ignored it the first time but when he saw the caller clearly, he adjusted on his seat then picked the phone at the second ringing
Fred, where did you keep your phone all this while?
Chief, am so sorry. I didn’t know you were the one calling sir. Fred replied shivering
Keep your sorry to yourself. What happened Fred? You failed to give me any update for the past 3days. Is this our agreement? Chief asked angrily
Chief, am so sorry. Things are.
Chief cut him away..
Don’t give me any flimsy excuse Fred. I gave you 5 million naira for what reason? I am giving you just 36 hours to get that girl. 36 hours Fred! Am sure you know me Fred. Don’t try me.
Chief, I am still trying to…
Pim! Pim! Pim!
Chief had hanged up angrily.
Fredo, wetin dey happen now? J.J asked with a puzzled look
Chief is giving us just 3 days to finalize this assignment.
Shit! Neyo said banging the table with his fist.
Fred put a call through to Francis who was busy frying egg for corp members who came to patronize him.
Francis heard his phone ring and he thought it was one of his girlfriend back in town but ignored it at first. After serving the Corper, he picked the one up to check who was calling and lo and behold, it was Fred and his heartbeat skipped.
Francis, do all what you have to do. Chief gave us just 36 hours to finish up this job. Just 36 hours or we are all dead. Fred said angrily and hanged up!
To be continued…

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