Episode 11
Last scene from the hospital
Dr. Olajire’s office
“Phone ringing”
Good day Doctor, this is Olajire calling from the state hospital in Shagamu.
Ok, how are you doing? Doctor Abimbola said at the other end
Ma, I want to ask if there is N-Analtysteine antidote injection over there so we could send someone to come and get them because we don’t have it here.
Am so sorry Doctor Jire. You know our hospital has been on strike for some weeks and we just resumed back to work some days ago. Our pharmacy is as dry as anything and the state government is not ready to release funds to us right now. Said Doctor Abimbola
Opps! (Feeling dejected) Did you know any of the hospital I can contact which might have the antidote? Doctor Olajire asked
Am afraid I don’t have an idea. Probably if you could give me like 24 hours to source for it for you. Abimbola said sharply
24 hours is quite late Doctor. We only have less than two hours to save a life of a corp member who was rushed in some hours ago and all our effort to get him saved was futile not until we discovered we need to get that antidote
Oops! What a sorry situation you’ve found yourself Doctor Olajire.
Please is there no help you can render for me right now? Doctor Olajire asked again
Am afraid Doctor. I’ve got lots of patient to attend to right now and moreover, I need to be in the theatre to carry out an operation in the next 30 minutes.
(Feeling sad a life will be lost again) Ok Doctor, thanks for your time Doctor Abimbola
Thanks for your time Doctor Olajire. Hoping to see you soon. Abimbola said before hanging up.
Doctor Olajire dropped his cell phone and he just couldn’t help but to give up because he knows in a matter of minutes, the Corper in the ward will be dead.
Just then, Doctor Aganga and Matron Florence came in to his office.
How was it? Were you able to get the required antidote? Asked Doctor Aganga
Nope. The just concluded strike couldn’t help them to get their pharmacy stocked with the right drugs and injections.
Oh God! The guy can’t make it alive without the antidote. Said Florence
What do we do now? Asked Aganga
Nothing. Just to wait for his death. Replied Olajire
Matron, please go to his ward, remove all the drips on him. It’s not useful anymore. Doctor Aganga said sadly
Ok Doctor. Florence said heading to the exit door.
The variety night will be happening in two days and all platoons is getting ready to give all their best. All preparations has to be top notch and different set of dance practice and drama was seen all around the multipurpose hall.
Somewhere in the Mamee market
Francis was seen in his kiosk with some set of corp members who were enjoying their noodles as usual. One of the corp member who happens to be in the same platoon with Janelle was gisting with her friends about the upcoming variety night. No doubt Motunrayo was beautiful and she was so full of herself. She was going to represent her platoon as the Miss Nysc.
Francis was listening to her conversation but failed to pay much attention to it because his mind was far away on what Fred said about the threat of Chief Wilson. Then he heard Motunrayo made mention of Janelle then he jolted out of his thought.
Madam, na u wan represent your flatoon for Miss Nysc bah?
Yes o. Motunrayo said Feeling on top of the world
Una don buy una cloth wey una go use? Asked Francis
Janelle will be leaving the camp tomorrow to get the costumes for me, the dance group and the drama group too.
Ok madam. said Francis
He left his Kiosk to the toilet and on his way there, he brought out his phone to call Fred.
At the first ringing, Fred picked
Yes Franc, any update yet?
I think we have a perfect way out of our dilemma
Janelle will be leaving the camp to the market at Shagamu to get things for the Variety night
Wow! Fred sat upright from the chair he is on.
I will give you the update, the time they are leaving and the plate number of the car taking them out.
Perfect Franc! Perfect! Fred said and hanged up laughing sheeply

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