Episode 12
Florence was heading back to the ward from Doctor Olajire’s hospital. She got into the ward and she walked up to Ola’s lifeless body on the bed and she checked his heart beat with the stethoscope and she felt his pulse.
“He is dead” confirmed Florence who removed the stethoscope ear piece from her ear
Almost immediately, Doctor Olajire and Aganga walked in with Chike, Ola’s room-mate. Matron Florence was about to cover him when they walked in.
Doctor, what happened to him? Asked Chike
Calm down Sir. You see, we tried our best but you know we Doctors only try our best. Only God heals. Moreover, you brought him late here and the poison has circulated all round his system. Doctor Olajire explained
Oh God! Chike exclaimed!
Please cover him and arrange how he will be taken to the mortuary. Doctor Aganga said to the Florence.
Florence moved close to the bed again and as she was about to cover Ola’s corpse, Ola sneezed and rose up.
Doctor Olajire, Aganga, Florence and Chike all took to their heels
Back to the Camp
Janelle was seen with Motunrayo inside the volleyball court. They were actually collating all the money gotten from the rest of the platoon members so they could buy all the necessary attires needed for the Variety night which is just some hours away. They met with their platoon commander, Oga Jerond who joined them as they are all set to go out of the camp premises to purchase all the required attires.
Janelle, will you just give me some minutes, I need to get something at the mamee market. Motunrayo said
Alright. Don’t keep us waiting. Janelle replied
Motunrayo walked down to the mamee market and she got to the kiosk of Francis.
My Madam, how you dey? Francis greeted
Aboki, I dey. Wetin be the name of the thing wey you say you wan buy sef? Motunrayo asked
Ehnehn, una don dey go out abi? Asked Francis
Yes na. Please hurry. Motunrayo said
Francis brought out a paper and he wrote some things in it and he handed over the lost to her.
Which motor una dey carry go? He asked
That one close to the gate. She pointed at it and she left.
Immediately Motunrayo exited the mamee market, Francis picked up his phone and put a call to Fred
For like 10 minutes, Ola couldn’t understand what was happening. After sometime, everything now began to play back to his memory. Then a voice speak inside of him.
Psalm 91. Don’t forget. Psalm 91. Then the voice stopped.
At the mention of Psalm 91, Ola remembered everything that transpired in the spirit realm. He looked at the time. It was just 12.25pm. He need to get back to the camp as soon as possible. Just when he was about to sit right, the two Doctors, the matron and Chike and some other nurses in the hospital entered his ward.
What is happening? Ola asked
You are not okay yet Corper. You still need to rest. You still need to be examined. Doctor Olajire said calmly walking to him.
I am fine now. Have only got some little headache which I believe will go in a matter of minutes.
Then Chike came close to him
Eze, how far now?
I am good as you can see
But the Doctors confirm you dead
Ola smiled …
There is nothing impossible for God to do, have you forgotten what Luke 1:37 said?
Doctor, please I need to go now.
The Doctors and Nurses just watched in awe as Ola and Chike walked out of the hospital heading back to camp.
Our God is great. Indeed, there is nothing that he can’t do. Doctor Olajire said as everybody went back to their various offices.
Luckily for us, the hospital was not too far from the camp. Chike and I boarded a bike and in no time, we were in front of the Nysc camp. We got down from the bike. Chike paid the fare and as we were walking to the gate, a car was about going out of the camp but all of a sudden, the car came to a halt and the passenger’s door opened and it was no other person than Janelle. She ran up to me and gave me a tight hug. We were still in each other’s arm when Chike coughed like thrice.
It have do ooooo…Lover birds. Motunrayo said
We left each other and I accepted Motun’s hand shake
How are you feeling now? She asked
Am better now as you can see. I replied
So what am I missing? I asked them both
Well, we are about going to the market to get our costumes for tomorrow’s variety night. Janelle said
Wow! That’s nice.
Well, since you are here now, I think Motunrayo will have to go back while you and I can go for shopping. Janelle said
No, No, No Janelle. You know he is just coming back from the hospital. Chike said
It’s alright Chike. Let me do this. Am the Platoon leader remember? Let me do this.
Motunrayo and Chike went back to the camp while Janelle and I entered into the already waiting car.
I have missed you a lot Eze. I haven’t been able to get my mind off you since you left. Janelle said holding my hands.
I’ve missed you too. Unfortunately for us, a Toyota Sienna had pulled up in front of us in a commando fashion, crossing the road hence blocking our car from moving. Before I could even blink or think of anything, two men jumped out of the sienna with a gun. They shot in the air and one of them opened the back door and blew a white substance on our face and everything turned black.

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