I woke up slowly, my vision was blur and I was having a slight headache. I don’t know where I was. I felt myself fell. I was falling deep into my own body as if my body itself was a huge room and I was dropping towards the centre. I tried shouting but my vocal cords failed me but I still continued to fall until I landed on a very tough but subtle surface. My landing was gentle despite having fallen for some time. I stayed on the ground for a while and I looked around me. The room I met myself was empty. I could see a source of light from above but I couldn’t pin point the exact location. As I walked around I realized the room was no longer empty. Lying on the floor, sleeping peacefully is someone who looked like me. I knew who he was as we have both met so many times in my dreams but he wouldn’t talk not until when I met him when I was hospitalized. I went over to the body and shook him but he mumbled something and went back to sleep.
“Wake up” I said. It’s time for you to wake up!
He turned around sleepily to face me and I recognized it was me, he was my shadow. He yawned and mumbled some more then turned around again to go back to sleep. I was getting impatient again and I still went ahead to shook him.
You again? What is it? He asked sleepily
I need your help. I said. Someone blew something which looked like a white substance on me and my friend Janelle and I found myself here.
Well, go sort yourself out, He said stubbornly, still refusing to shake his body or open his eyes
I can’t. I said.. I don’t know I get myself away from here.
Do you really need my help? He asked again
Yes. I really do. I said
He stood up and stretched about a bit. It really seemed he had been sleeping for a long time. Then he said, “This is more of letting you know who you really are. You are not a strict and stiff-necked kind of adult, are you?
Get out of here first and we’ll see. I said
He grinned and said, “Let’s go back up. I have a feeling you are going to enjoy this as much as I can.

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