Episode 14
God almighty specially created you alongside 71 others to watch his gate and to praise him day and night. We were called the Watcher man, created to watch the great city of Zion. The family you were born into is so full of evil and your parents never knew the way of the lord not until one day, they met a man of God who showed them the way and fortunately, it was the day of mercy right here in Zion. The king of kings shows his mercy on just 71 people in the whole world by giving us, the watchmen to humans as a child. We all have different gifts and God in his infinite mercy, who knows how wicked the world is, gave each of us a guardian angel who would keep watch over us till we manifest fully and able to discover and use our power. He said.
I watched him as he told me things about me, or rather about us. Then he continued.
Twice you’ve been dead. But your mission on earth is not fulfilled yet and you were sent back to the earth again. The first time, was when you were kidnapped. You were shot and your spirit came back here but since your mission isn’t complete yet, you were sent back. He said.
You see things happen before it happens I guess, right? He asked. I thought for a bit before answering.
Yes, I do. But I thought it was only a manifestation or a vision kind of. I replied.
Have you ever tried to make a difference when it played back to you?
Well, not really. I feel it is bound to happen. And most times, it all occurred to me that I have seen this particular event happened before or so.
Ola, you are scared! That’s the word. Things like that makes you Fear. You see, Fear is a barrier to so many things beyond the veil. It makes you second guess yourself. It makes you have friends you don’t need and enemies you can’t afford. Our Father from before the veil made us dominators, conquerors. But as soon as we pass through the veil, we are distracted by the noise of this little earth and by the shiny thing man has made for his pleasure and we forget it all. I was sent to be with you all this while but it seems I wasn’t needed and I have been in slumber for so many years. But I am still part of you, just like a child, a child does not think of fear or impossibilities. Things only become impossible when you stop to think about them.
I was Quiet. I felt him now more than ever before. He took my hands and we flew again and in no time, we stopped.
I’ve done my part now. Now go! He commanded.
In an instant, I felt a magical wind blew me away from there.
I coughed . I opened my eyes slowly only to see the building I found myself changing colour. It was after some minutes that my sight regulated. The room was dark that it took some time for me to see anything important. Then I remembered how it all happened.
Janelle! I said to myself then I looked round to see if I could see her around. I heard a snoring sound ahead of me & carefully I tried shifting my position towards that side because both my legs and hands were tied together. I managed to get close to where I was hearing the sound of the snoring only to discover that they were two in number.

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